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Gurney's Tomato Cages vs. Texas Tomato Cages.

12 years ago

I am looking for a new way to cage my 6'+ tall tomato plants this coming summer. What are the comparisons, relative selling points, of the Gurney's Tomato Cages vs The Texas Tomato cages.

Currently, I have the ring-type tomato cages (the sturdiest I could find) from my local nursery, and I take 2, stand them on end, and tie them together with plastic ties, creating about 7' of growing cage. But they are hard to store in the off season and they're starting to show their age.

I saw the whole discussion of the Earthtainers and how they all use Gurney's Pea cage, and I wondered whether the Gurney's tomato cages might work for me without much work. (All the work bending the Pea cage doesn't appeal to me.)

It does seem like I'd have to stack them to get more vertical height, which I don't mind if they are sturdy and work. What appeals to me is that they lay flat during the off season. I probably need enough for about 6 tomatoes.

Since space is an issue for me, making and storing Concrete Rebar is not an option for me. I know so many people here love them, but I really need tangible advice on the collapsible options.

Any thoughts? Gurney's Square Tomato Panes Vs the Texas Cages?



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