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die fungus gnat die-die-die!!!

15 years ago

I believe my seed trays are infected with fungus gnats and I think they are starting to kill my seedlings. From just about every description I've read, I've got 'em. I'm tried some organic, vegetable spray called Vege-Safe or whatever that is made from Petunias or something. No effect. I think they liked the cooling shower. I even tried some Sevin. Same effect (none). I've tried letting the soil medium dry out, but that doesn't seem to have any effect either. Besides, I don't want them coming back as soon as I water again. I also have seedlings that are sprouting and need to get under the shop-light where the gnats are buzzing around. That medium is moist, as it has to be. I want to kill them all, tomorrow!

I hear that a fungus gnat BT will kill them. Does anyone have a bottle description or brand name so I can recognize the bottle and pick up the right stuff? I don't want to get the BT that kills horn-worms as they are not a problem right now. I'm limited to what I can pick up at Home Depot tomorrow at lunch.

I hear mixed results about DE's effect on fungus gnats. I still plan on picking some up if they have it in stock simply because it seems to kill everything else that is bad in the world (ants, aphids, bed bugs, fleas and the list goes on!). Will DE do the job for me?

I also plan on picking up some yellow-sticky traps and I've placed some red wine vinegar in a cup next to the trays. I plan on trying all this because, as I've said, I WANT TO WIPE THEM OUT, ALL OF THEM, EVEN THE YOUNGLINGS! I want this to be quick and permanent as I have too many seed trays that need to be placed out there.

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