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Leaves on top of Tomato Plant wilting. No other issues present.

9 years ago


I have a yellow pear tomato plant growing in a container by my house. I have kept it separate from my vegetable garden in the yard and it has been flourishing and growing with no issues that I can see. Everything is organic (Fox Farm potting soil used for the containers), so there are no pesticides or chemicals that I know of coming into contact with it. It has just started producing fruit in the past week or so and everything looks lush and deep green, health signs in my book. However, a few days ago, I noticed that the top leaves of the plant (where most of the blossoms/fruit are growing, are all wilted. They are still green, no yellowing or spots visible. I have been repeatedly checking the soil moisture (it is fine) and I can see no visible issues in the stem or near the roots.

What is going on??? I fertilized yesterday with fish emulsion to see if that would help but have seen no improvement. The leaves are remaining wilted and slowly drying and dying out.

If anyone has any ideas of what this might be or what I can try to treat it, I would be soooo appreciative.

This is my first posting so hopefully I can figure out how to include photos.

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