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Planning for next year....trying to figure out what I am doing...

18 years ago


I would like to put in a square foot garden. I planned on doing it this year, but I ran into a snag. I found that the only place I could put the garden was in an area that had a perennial grass weed that I have had no success getting rid of in the usual ways. Digging it out only increased it. So instead of putting in the garden, I covered it over with a thick layer of cardboard and a thick layer of bark mulch for the whole summer. I have only seen a few places where the weed must have come thru a crack and I am going to plug those cracks up this week. It has been a very dry summer so I think that must have helped.

On top of these challenges, the area is to the south of a line of trees that are pretty full grown and I am sure there are significant root zones in that area. It is also sited so that one side gets afternoon shade after 3pm and the other side has shade in the morning until 10am.

There are a few areas where the sun is 6-7 hrs a day. I grew tomatoes and peppers in this area in containers this year and got a pretty good crop. The area is about 30 feet by 30 feet I think. I can move the vegetable beds about 10-15ft away from the trees. At any rate, it is the ONLY place in the yard for me to have a vegetable garden.

Right now, I have 4 beds already made that I was going to use this year and didn't. Thick wood about a foot off the ground in four foot squares. I want to place them in this 30x30ft area along with a copper pipe or bamboo structure to house compost and grow crops on. I also need to put some fence sections around the 30x30 area that are about 4ft high pickets. I am trying to figure out how I can place the beds as far away from the trees as possible but not shading them by the fence, since it will be erected to the South of the vegetable beds. I wish I had a photo it would be a much shorter

Hope I am not confusing you. So what are my questions..a few...

Is it ok to cover the ground with landscape fabric before filling, to keep any leftover weed out of the bed?

Can I fill the beds with straight compost?

Can I place the beds closer to the root zone of the trees in order to keep them from being shaded by the fence?

Will that Darn weed be gone by next year and should I take a chance of getting it back in the beds?

Should I lasagna layer leaves and grass in the beds for over the winter or should I wait and just fill with compost in the spring?


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