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NEW: The 'I have a lot of that, but want that' Seed swap

17 years ago


I was going through my seeds and I have way to many. So I was thinking of doing a seed swap. This is a normal seed swap, the only thing different is I will be adding a lot more to everyone else's! I have A LOT.

So anyone who wants to join, here's the jist of it....

Send in a BUBBLE envelope; a minimum of 10 different seed packets, and there is no maximum. Please follow the FAQ's on how to package your seeds. Please put your user name on them too so you don't get the same ones back! Also include a return address label and the correct postage. A good thing to also include would be a wish list, and a Do not want list. I will try to the best of my ability to follow those lists.

I want to turn this around fast so everyone will get it back in time to plant! So I will say about a week sign up time, and to get them out to me. So deadline will be: March 17th. I will get them out about a day or two after that.

If I forgot anything, let me know!

I did this last year and I had a lot of fun. Keeps me busy.

I have a lot of heirloom tomatoes, and other heirloom veggies. Actually I think all of my seeds I have are Heirlooms.

Just email me if you would like to join, and I will send you my address.

If you post on here that you want to join, then everyone can look at you wish list and maybe send seeds for me to put in your envelope. Hey, you never know! :)

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