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UPDATE: WoW Thanks! I wanted That! Thank yous and receiving

15 years ago

Ok Folks, I thought I would go ahead and post the Counts game total here as well.

01. ncgardengirl-Fran (wondering WHO is gonna win :D!)

02. medontdo-Michele 7543

03. markcase1964-Mark - 7988

04. lgslgs-Lynda - 7293

05. misskimmie-Kim

06. conniesc-Connie- 6660

07. heatherbon-Heather

08. dirtdiggin-Toni- 8245

10. grolikecrazy-Chris

11. douglasls-Lisa

12. beverlysc-Bev 5005

13. aphroditelaughs-Ellie- 8,532

14. sissifriss-Myriah 5499

15. chellflower-Chell 7,925

16 No mailer or news from

17. poisondartfrog-Alana - 7888

18. grovespirit-Iris 7,134 (had to drop BUT CAN STILL GUESS!!!)

19. lindaruzicka-Linda- 9,617

20. angelady-Angela

21. dimples31312-Dorothy - 9500

22. strmywthr3-Barbi

23. smokymist-Cheryl - 3367

24. jas_il-Jasmine 7200

25. kristlindgren - 10,551

26. ishareflowers-Lisa 8,296

27. purpleacres-Tracy 6417

28. countrygirl_sc-Gail- 6243

29. fleethart-Fleety

30. hmacdona-Heather- 6600

31. No package arrived

32. lakedallasmary-Mary

33. diana_lynn-Diana Lynn - 10,100

34. smitties-Margo - 7652

35. no package

36. yotetrapper-Angela

37. mcbdz-Pattie- 6,633

38. graanieb-Bea- 7822

39. sassybutterfly_2008-Wendy - 8,642

40. threeshyacres-Jodi

41. blue_ivy-Tola 8112

42. ibartoo-Linda

43. jaleeisa-Kathy 7549

44. molanic-Molanic- 8137

45. rane_grow-Iris- 7,775

46. gardenmom2-Nichol - 10,123

47. southerncharm1-Kathy SC1

48. kilngod-Tina- 8444

49. luvgardening2-Nancy

50. rbrady-Rhonda

51. dessieb-Dessie 4,837

52. Shanta_5-Shanta 9506



I want to thank each and everyone of you again. As I have said before swaps like this can not happen successfully without those willing to share their wonderful seeds with others.

A gifting swap takes special people to pull off, Thanks again for joining and participating!

A specail thanks to all of you who passed along a hostess gift to me or sent in extra stamps for those who where a little short on theirs and there will be a few of them. So this is VERY much appreciated! SO VERY MUCH!

Angela/angelady I don't know what is going on with you at the moment but whatever it is I hope it gets taken care of soon. A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU goes out to you! Thanks for compling all the lists into one place AND UPDATING when needed! Thank you so much for all of that!

Kathy/jaleesia thank you for enteraining the group while I was busy on this side of the swap!

Thanks to everyone again for the extra little specials you passed along to me. Although they were not required but are much appreciated. It was a very nice surprise to find the extras you passed along to me, whether it was extra 'specail' seeds, special soap! (thanks again to you both!) a notepad, notecards, chocolate (thank you both! who sent this) or a Twisten Cool )so very neat! (THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN!) or even just 1 extra stamp ALL will be used and means so much more to me because they were all gifted by you!

This swap helped introduce me to a few specail people that I otherwise may not have met any other way! Both our canadian friends (hello to both of you) BEV! You wonderfully specail lady!!! Mary I can't thank you enough for the gifts you gifted me! All of them! And your friendship. Heather what can I say? LOL. You rock girl! lol

Lynda! You too, I don't think I have actually talked to you before this swap.

Margo, thanks for the jewerly again purple IS my favorite color...hehe

Medo, did you tell Talla what I said about putting that stuff in the garden and thanks for the purple paint stick?

Tell her I will only use the purple to mark my 'SPECAIL' plants with! Thanks again for the marker, I never would have considered getting purple duh! I always get black!

Dorothy thank you for the cool cool stickers, did I meantion I LOVE STICKERS?! lol.

I think that is it for the hostess treasures I received, if I missed you somewhere I am sorry I didn't mean to.

The rest of you I have made friends with along the way and I want to thank you all again for joining me in this fun swap, although it had it's ups and downs and an unexpected move. We all will manage to get through it all the way to receiving!

Thanks so much everyone again for joining, it truly has been a pleasure hosting for you even though there were many challenges along the way. I hope you all will still consider joining me in another WOW THANKS! I wanted THAT! Swap or another swap I hostess!!!

MANY THANKS TO EVERYONE for making this swap a successful one! May all your gardens be fill with color this season, and weedfree!

:) Fran

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  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hello to All Gardeners,

    I received my seed package on Saturday, and I am very *pleased* with my selection, especially the Canterbury bells, Robinson's Painted Daisy, Celosia Amigo Mah. Red (!), so many pretty poppies, hollyhocks and dianthus, Calendula 'Touch of Buff'(I could go on...)....I received many of my wants, and I'm so happy!

    It will be a great Spring...thanks to you all!

    Jodi B.

    : )

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I got my envy today also. I don't have time to list right now but I sent in just over 200 and got 92 back. I got at least 15 from my list, which is cool.

    Kris,I sent you an email.

    Traci, purpleacres I have around 7 or 8 packets with your number on them. They are all veggie seeds from dirtdiggin. I'd be happy to let you know what they are so you could send for them if you didn't get any. I don't grow veggies. (I think they may have gone in my envy accidently, our numbers are 26 and 27. The envies may have been lined up and I got your seeds. feel free to email me.

    Thank you to everyone that sent in my wants! I look forward to seeing the blooms in the next year or two.


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  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Dirt, I just went through the squash pollination thread you posted. THANKS This helped a lot. I appreciate it.


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    My package arrived yesterday and I was so busy going thru it that I forgot to post! :)

    thanks to everyone for the great seeds. I'll be busy sowing and sowing and sowing!!


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Received my package from the WOW swap and I wanted to thank Fran, first of all, for hosting this and all the hard work she put in on it. I know it's not an easy matter in the best of times, but with having to move I know it was even more difficult! Thank you and I hope the rest of the move goes smoothly and that you're back with us soon.

    I also want to thank all of you who sent in seeds for me :) I receive a wonderful variety of 91 packages. I know I will never run out of Blue Lake Bush beans again :)

    Whomever sent me the package with the tea and recipes, THANK YOU! That tea is wonderful and my package smelled so yummy when I opened it! I've not had the vanilla Chai before and am going to make a cup this afternoon to enjoy! The the recipes! I adore receiving recipes! Thank you!

    I got a few very special things from my wants list and want to send an extra special thank you to those who sent them- you know how you are :). Several of them were harder to find/more expensive seeds that I wanted but would not have splurged on for myself, and I'm very excited to have them!

    Thank you all again. I really enjoyed this swap!


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    OK, I can't stand it. I am guarding the mailbox.LOL I love hearing about everyone getting their seeds and can't wait to get mine. Keep up all the reports of deliveries. If I can't see my own I can at least read about what's to come. I wish Fran could read this every day. This is the fun part. Hope you are about through moving and getting to settle in some.

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    howdee there

    Got my mailer and Im happy I received a few herbs and a few things on my wish list. Sent in 120 pks and recieved 64 not bad beacause I can use all that I recieved woo hoo. Oh should I say WOW hoo

    Don't mind me I am delerious with a head cold


    Here is a link that might be useful: my garden website

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    WOW!! I finally got mine.
    Fran, this was such a great swap. I love every pack. You are such an angel for hosting this. I want to thank everyone for all your great gifts of the precious seeds. I can't wait to see them start sprouting and then growing. I don't know where I'm going to plant them all but, where there is a will there's a way.
    Thanks again to all my new gardening friends and Fran Bless you for this idea.
    Now I'm going to sort my seeds. YIPEEEE!!!!!

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    YEAH!!! my package arrived! but I can't open it yet or nothing will get done, i have a few more WS containers to do, and then 2 more swap to pack for and mail today, and then maybe by this evening, i'd get to enjoy and revel in my seeds. Thank you so much everyone and Fran you're the awsomemest!! Chris

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Got my package today & it is PHAT!!! LOL! Haven't opened it yet.....I'll go through it by myself first to organize then I have to share with the boys & let them choose seeds..Oh well, at least they're interested in gardening too, LOL!

    Blue Ivy, That Thailand stamp holds a special meaning for me too....its from the box that my first variegated Plumerias arrived in!! I had ordered them on Ebay and am so thrilled to finally have variegated varieties!! I saw on your want list that you collect stamps, and I'm glad you enjoy the one I sent you!

    Thanks Fran for hosting this swap and for all of your hard work & time spent organizing seeds for everyone!! I don't know how you managed to do all of this while moving too!?! You're such a 'Super' hostess!!!

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Stopped at the mailbox on my way in from work and there it was ... a HUGE envy FULL of WONDERFUL treasures ... omg, I love them all ... I want to thank everyone for all the beautiful seeds ... each and every packet will be enjoyed and I will spend many hours in the sunshine planting them ... I can hardly wait ...

    Fran, thank you so much for hostessing this swap, I can only imagine the hours of hard work you put into making it all possible ... it takes a special person to do that and you deserve a hug and kiss from all of us ... " love bombs " will have to do LOL .... Thank you for making me feel welcome , this was my first swap and I thoroughly enjoyed it , I hope this was the first of many , Garden Web is the BOMB !! You have all made the last 2 months of winter go by faster than usual LOL ... thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart ...


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Oh, man... I got my package yesterday, too. I really wasn't sure about doing this swap so quickly after the other "want list" swap, but I got soooo many different things. Between the two, I think it just nearly wiped out my want list altogether, which as you all know, is pretty long.

    I want to thank Fran and everyone for making this a successful swap for all involved. It took each of us giving the best we could to make this happen, and I totally appreciate every seed that was sent my way. I am mostly a veggie gardener, so this swap really fit the bill for a whole mess of my wants. I am not sure if the flower gardeners feel the same way, though. I sure hope so. I'm very glad that I entered this swap. It was such an awesome package of goodies I just got back.

    There were a couple of EXTRA SPECIAL things that was sent to me. I can't thank you all enough for thinking of me and being so generous! This package really did surprise me in so many ways... I really loved the sweet notes from some of you, too... I will try to remember to do that in future swaps.... it is so touching!


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi everyone, I know Fran is really going to enjoy reading all the excitement over the boxes as soon as she gets back online...I am sure it is driving her crazy with no internet connection. We should see her back over the weekend, as long as everything goes ok.

    Ill post again if I hear anything...I love reading how happy everyone was with their seeds, and I cant wait to see all the pictures this fall, of the blooms.



  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Great reading all these exciting posts, think Fran will be happy to know about it all, but is too busy lately to have time to think about computer and won't be missing it, yet.
    Bet she sometimes wished she had 8 arms,lol

    Here are recipes Fleety sent me (only ones I've gotten) and they are simple and good (for you)--thank you Fleety.



    Peel and cut squash into chunks. In saucepan, cover squash with chicken broth and boil until tender. Add diced onion and season with salt and pepper to taste. When tender, puree in small batches; return to pot. Add diced chicken.
    Warm and serve with crusty bread.

    ( I'd add 1/4 tsp salt, no-salt seasoning, other seasonings to taste,bit of garlic powder, sprinkle with parmesan before serving. Other veggies can be used aside or instead of squash. B.)



    1 1/2 c cooked brown rice
    1 lb cooked chicken pieces
    1 1/2 c cooked kidney beans
    1 c each red and green bell pepper or chilies *
    4 garlic cloves, minced or crushed
    1 c reduced-fat cheese
    1 T chili powder
    1 T cumin powder *
    2 c diced tomatoes or 1 can (15 oz) diced tomatoes

    Spread rice in a 3-qt greased casserole.
    Top with the remaining 8 ingredients mixed together.
    Sprinkle with additional cheese.
    Bake at 350 deg for 1 hour or until done.

    (* Have to make this one soon, only with less peppers and no cumin, it looks so good!)

    Enjoy and take care,

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I got my package!!! So great!
    Thank you all for all the wonderful seeds. So many seeds.
    I hope to get started planting some of them tomorrow.
    I have never had so many seeds before starting on the RR.
    You All Rock!

    Thanks Fran for all your hard work.

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Went thru my package last evening and OMG'ness!!! Soooo many of my wants were filled (and some I didn't know I wanted yet)!!!!! I stayed up until almost 4AM but I managed to send a special Thank You in the rate/reviews forum to every person who's name was on the seeds they sent in!!! To all anonymous senders Thanks soo much for the seeds you sent in the robin!!! I am grateful for every pack!!! And a BIG Thank you on behalf of all the hummingbirds, butterflies, bees,etc that will be visiting my gardens this year!!!! I even had enough doubles to share with my boys!!!

    Fran, HUGE ((HUGS)) to you for all the hard work putting this together!! I really don't know how you pulled it off while are the Swap Hostess Diva!!! This swap is so much fun and I definitely plan to join next year (if you're up to hosting again!?! LOL).

    I hope everyone enjoys their new goodies as much as I do mine. ....It's raining hard outside right now-s'pose to all day- but I have a fresh bag of soil & pots in the house and I know what we'll be doing inside today !!!!

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Weather's pulling me outside, feels like summer is almost here, hope you all get better weather soon...hope Fran has enough help with moving, I'd take a mini vacation even over the weekend, just to relax away from it all, then again, I'm talking and am first one to not sit down for long, always find there is something to be done or it'll pile up later on.

    Chelle, meant to tell you, thank you!! for the seeds and the seed PACKETS you made out of the flower pictures from gardening catalogs, I used to do it too, thanks again and for all you all sent.

    Angela, thank you for the veggie seeds, hope you have enough of your wants, plenty of work lately, imagine so.

    Alana,hope my Brazilian Firecracker grows well, purple Butterfly bush too ( think it was from you) etc, thank you.

    Fleety, thank you for the seeds and recipes once again.

    Need to take more time to post in Rate.

    I've planted about 15 pkts today, marked them all this time!

    Fran, you have many grateful friends in the world, hope all is working out well for you all out there, see you soon.


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Received my seeds today. Thank you everyone that sent in seeds for me :) I greatly appreciate it. Have lots to plant...good thing I can expand lol.

    Thanks again and thank you Fran for hosting this swap

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Wow I just finished entering sll my seeds from this swap and baby I scored some awsome seeds, too many to enter here Total 153 packets, WOW Yoiu are all so generous and kind to share your precious seeds with me!!
    I;ll mention just a few, I got Doubleclick Cosmos from countrygirl (gail)!!
    I got Thai Angled loofa gourd from an unknown donor- can you believe it! and not just a few seeds, butr like more than a commercial packet!Got some huge poppy seeds.
    oh and peppers, wow, awsome squashes and gourds, Echinecea Razzmatazz, planted immediately all the clitoria vine seeds, white and blue, and the other unmentionables for my Lovers Garden . And the beans! I got all the beans I could ever want, I will have to cut down whole trees to make enough support for them all!
    Fran, thank you for all your efforts on our behalf, despite your moving and getting sick, you manage to finsh sorting and sending our packages. Thank you with all my heart. Chris

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Kym! Please email me if you hear from Fran again... I'm still waiting to send her the total cost of postage for my seeds and with the move and her having no internet.. I don't want to chance mailing it to the old address so I've been waiting til we hear from her. I'd appreciate it if you get any mailing info.


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Wendy, I was just on my way to plant more seeds, including your burgundy pole beans ( got to find room for pole beans, peppers, cukes and herbs), gradually planting and marking as I go along. Thank you and those who I've not personally thanked yet, will go thru my seeds again eventually.
    Whoever sent me Sesame seed, wow! thank you.
    Yote, yours were Top Natch Golden Wax Beans I was talking about, thank you.
    Kathy- Jaleeisa, how are you doing? Nice send, thank you.
    Pattie-mcbdz- from Louisiana, about to plant your peppers too, many thanks to all. It's really fun, no grass yet, lol

    Happy Gardening all,

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I didn't post much about my package, cause I had to go through it....and that takes precedence over the computer lol. MUST SORT SEEDS lol. Actually, I was being techy and fixing my blasted, has a mind of its own, printer, but the previous sounds more fun lol.

    Anyway, I want to thank everyone for the seeds they sent to me. I received quite a few off my wish list. I'm sure it was difficult checking my wish list as I was never able to updated it before the deadline, after the previous swap. So while I have some duplicates, I have a pretty good guarantee that what I received will grow from one batch or another...or both or all lol :)

    Thank you also for the special notes and those that were only able to send a few seeds, there's no reason to apologize! I'm happy to have those little precious seeds to hopefully grow them out and save seed for next year. After all, I've been learning different techniques to save seed, so it's time to put it to the test lol. Isn't that why were here?

    Could you imagine there only being 3 or 4 seeds of some item in exhistance...and it's up to you to preserve that item? No But I thought trading was all about preserving and keeping these things going. Even if it is only a few seeds. For those that sent a few seeds to me...THANK YOU for sharing your small stash with me :)

    I received about 25 items from my wish list from this swap with a bunch of extras that weren't on my wish list. My DS is excited as heck, cause he gets any duplicates lol.

    Thanks again everyone!!!

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    OK, anyone else missing coming here everyday and reading. I guess I'm going through the 'WOW Thanks I wanted that' withdraw. LOL. I already have too many seeds and plants for this year as it is though and shouldn't join anymore until Fall. Should I? Anyone else?

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I've just decided I need to do away w/ the lawn... that way I have plentyyy of space for my flowers and veggies :P

    Pattie ~ I'm too addicted to I will slow down on the regular trades unless it's something I'm really wanting.. I love the RR swaps tho, they are loads of fun and it's not JUST about seeds, it's all sorts of goodies! Join up in one of those if you haven't already, I love them!


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I'm not addicted..really..I'm not..."coughing"...

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago


    I got some Fenugreek recipes for you. It has videos so it would be easier for you to figure out how to make them. It is an asian dish.

    Fenugreek Recipes

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago


    Mine arrived safe-n-sound, with tons of seeds I love. Thank you everyone for the seeds you sent, and thank you, Fran, for all of your efforts with this swap. I love my batch o' seeds. My extra special favorites: Dutchman's Breeches Dicentra cuculloma (this has been on my want list for-e-ver!), Cephalaphora, Nasturtium Night & Day, Nigella Chocolate Sundae, Rudbeckia Cappaccino, Tomato Chocolate Stripes, Tomato Amazon Chocolate...and loads of other great seeds. I love every single one, and will be sowing like a freak right soon.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful package, and a wonderful sowing & growing season!

    My best and with great thanks,

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Wow! I received my pack o seeds yesterday! What a great selection, most were from my want list. Thanks to everyone for sharing their seeds with me, and to Fran for all the work she put into sorting and mailing all those seeds.

    I am off to wintersow a few.

    Thanks again!


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Pattie , I know what you mean, i'm in swaps withdrawal too, but Then I am like waayy behind on everything else, because it takes me so long two finger picking on my computer to say anything at all on the forums, it takes mer like 100 times longer than normal people!Gads.
    But when i had a hard time coming up with 5-10 seed selections I wanted back from a swap, you know, to the hostess, I knew that was the writing on the wall,swap time move over, gardening time take the stage! Chris

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    HOLY WOW!! I was blown away by the size of my package!! Thank you all so much I have so many seeds I just need to make more beds so I can plant em all!! Thanks to you SUGAR FREE FANNA miss ya!!

    I hope everyone liked what I was able to contribute and really enjoyed this swap!

    I am set for a long time!! lol


  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago


    "Thank you Fran for the swap you have arranged. Thanks again to all the other gardeners who have also sent me sends. If you need anything just let me know and I will help you out just as you all have helped me. By the way, Fran, I hope your moving goes well, and happy very early birthday!
    Thanks again for everything."

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    FINALLY! I am back! Was I missed? LOL.

    Gail thanks for posting the message for me.

    Heather/ Canada-Kris and Gail's packages will go out today sorry about the delay but there were reasons why these were the last and had to wait until I could get them situated to mail them out.
    I hope you understand and will be happy with the packages once they arrive!

    I am glad everyone seems to be happy with their envies. There were some really nice seeds most everyone received

    Lisa, I read your post about getting some of Tracy/purpleacres seeds, that is what happened the bags were lined up by number and when I put some in they must have looked like ther were going in #27 but ended up in yours, if you haven't heard from Tracy let me know I will send you her address and postage to get those to her.

    Heatherbon- miss u too girly! Hope to chat soon!

    Again, I want to thank everyone for joining this swap, it was fun to see who sent in what seeds. I have to get mine listed and removed from my wants list because I also got some very much wanted seeds.
    I can not wait to grow them this season! I hope to have many more seeds to share with everyone else as well in the future!
    Thanks so much and hope to see you all again for another round of the WOW THANKS! I wanted THAT! future swaps!!!!

    :) Fran

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I better start making a list and checking it twice to get ready for the next one! LOL!

    Welcome back, Fanna! We have all missed you!

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I posted this in the cuttings swap as it is winding down as well, but if anyone is looking for a seed starting rack I've posted a link below for a wonderful version of a space saving 3 shelf rack that is pretty reasonable to build. It's quite simple (DH is constructing as I type lol - I was going to build it, but he didn't want the neighbors to think he was cracking the whip hehe) Anyway, hope it is useful for some of you :)

    Take care everyone and happy gardening :)


    Here is a link that might be useful: Seedling Rack Plans

  • 15 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Fran, you little devil! You posted right after me, and I'm just back to check the thread right now not knowing you've been online all day! I hope all went well with your move. I know you still have tons to do, but I'm glad you checked back in because you have a lot of happy Wow participants who have been writing to you! :-)

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    Hey Angelady ;)! Your post wasn't up there either when I posted it always takes me a few mintues to post!

    Hey I got to meet Bev (#12) today!!!! She is great! Wish she could have stayed a little longer but it was raining and we went out in the woods to a little creek area and found her a few rocks to take back home with her. I of course ended up (pretty much) stepping in the creek!
    I love the things she shared with me and I hope she enjoys her rocks! I told her I wish I had something I could share with her as well turns out I did, I trapesed through the woods with her for rocks, cuz that is what us gardeners/ponders do! LOL.

    I still have not had time to go through all my seeds I received but I can say I am very pleased with the ones I received, I can also tell you this there were some really awesome ones that I truly did not expect to get.
    Angela thank you so very much for the Ginko and the other one I can't remember what it is at the moment but I know I really wanted to thank you for them.

    SC1 sent me a nice garden marker and a garden tile, I didn't mention earlier in my thank you because it wasn't sitting right in front of me and like I said if it wasn't in my view at that moment I just couldn't think.
    jaleeisa/Kathy also gave me a neat little pansy shaped stepping stone but that is NOT what I will use it for it is too cute for that.

    I also want to tell you all what Miss (07) heatherbon and my friend flwrs4ever ever came up with as 'hostess' gifts!
    They thought it would be hilarious to include Hostess Ding-Dongs and Ho-Ho's and 'HOSTESS' gifts! REALLY FUNNY LADIE(Really unique it was I must say!) and Heather went out of her way to have a tea blended for me at a shop near her. It is Strawberry Kiwi, which I really like and can no longer find from Celestial Seasonings. Thank you very much for that!
    And to Gail who was nice enough to help me out.
    Again I want to thank all of you who helped out with the extra postage and extras! They really did help
    jaleeisa and bea thanks for the games, that was a help as well.

    I really do hope everyone was happy with their packages, I know some of you didn't get as many as others everyone received some really nice stuff. I would have been happy with the lesser amount of packets because those are the ones that usually contained the harder to get seeds.

    I also forgot to put in both Angela's cabbage seeds and I will get those in the mail as soon as I can I will try to get them in there Monday maybe I will have the house a little more organized by then. (Mark if you wanted some too IF you read this then email me and I will be sure to drop some in the mail for you too!)

    I don't really have that much more to do in the house it is just finding spots for everything! The kitchen is lacking in cabinets! ERRR....At least the bathroom had a large closet in it and a lot of my cleaning supplies plus towels and bathroom items will fit in it.
    The whole house only has 3 closets! 1 of course is in the bathroom and the other 2 are in my bedroom! Thank goodness the SO's oldest son when he was staying with us in the other house had purchased an upright closet chest like what used to be in the hospitals 20 some odd years ago. That is now in the boy's bedroom so he has a closet too.
    All in all I guess it is not so bad, I am glad we have internet which is DSL and it works or seems to with the bandwidth I oredered to work as good as the cable internet so as long as I can get to GW and check my email I am happy!

    At any rate, again thanks for joining everyone and since we seem to have folks interested in it for the future I do plan to host another one later on, maybe for the fall and I will surely do one in time for next years WSing! So everyone be looking for that and I hope it turns out as good as this one.
    I hopefully will not have a move involved in the next one lol!

    Thanks again and I just want everyone to know I did enjoy it too and how much I appreciate each one of you joining!

    :) Fran

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    Welcome back Fran, glad you made it thru all that hard work, have DSL and got to meet Bev, lucky for you both.
    Hey, I've sent to you and few others Gingko and Serasee == just planted it, about to rain again, off to plant some more.

    Hummingbirds are back! Have to hang the feeder, already have red salvias and planted more, esp hyssop which they love.


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    Was rushing, again too...need to tell you in any case, might be best to SOAK seeds of SERASEE overnight or for a few hours.
    I've kept my seeds in the fridge, including GINGKO, someone said it has to be planted FRESH to germinate, anyone knows?
    Also, I have COFFEE SEEDS ( Coffea Arabica) -do they have to be fresh? In any case, planting them, leaving part of the seeds as always, worth a try.

    SPECIAL OFFER: All you can dig 3 leaf clovers (oxalis) ,some in bloom.
    Had to kid when one has lots of 'em, can't ever dig 'em all up,lol

    Wish you 4-leaf clovers,

    GB - Bea

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    Glad to see you back Fran !!

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    Fran...thank you so much for the rocks. They were really appreciated especially since we were out in the rainy weather walking down the hill thru the briar bushes to get to the creek. Many thanks..Was good to meet you in person and glad you liked all the plants we brought you. Talk to them all and they will do fine. Hope they bring you many beautiful flowers this summer. Will be back up your way once it warms up temps. over 50 and can I request no rain for that Thanks again. Bev & Family.

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    I recieved my package last week, and sorry I didnt respon d sooner, i've just been terribly busy with chick hatching and egg selling time lol. I got so many wonderful plants, I couldn't start to name them all! I loved everything everyone sent me, and thank you all so much! I enjoyed the swap a lot.
    And thank you as well Fran, for all your hard work you put into this swap. Much appreciated!


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    I recieved my package today and words can not describe how I feel. You all really are a wonderful wonderful bunch of people.

    When my mother passed away 4 years ago in April, I told myself I did not lose a mother I gained an angel. In case you are wondering she died of dementia and was only 58. The hardest thing I have ever done in my lifetime so far was to hold her hand and tell her it was ok to go.

    I just never thought I would find so many angels here in earth.

    I found a poem that really sums up a way to say thank you! I did not write this poem, I wish I had, it is written by Amy Sellers

    Angel in the Peacock Garden

    I built a garden, brick-by-brick
    a place to sit and pray
    And as I planted each new bud
    I'd closed my eyes to say

    Dear angel in my garden
    please listen to my prayer
    and lift these words up to the Lord
    for children everywhere

    I built a garden, day-by-day
    a place to find my way
    And as I tended to each plant
    I'd hear the angels say,

    Dear mother in the garden
    we've listened to your prayer
    the Lord will help in his own way
    have patience, don't dispare

    I pull the weeds and fertilize
    the roses reach the sky
    and as I pray I feel the angels
    as they pass on by

    Dear God in Heaven, thank you for
    your guidance that you send
    through angels in my garden
    this holy place I tend.

    -Amy Sellers

    God Bless each and every one of you, Thank you all for you kindness and I will be sure to post pictures!

    25. kristlindgren

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    I received my package yesterday! All I can say is WOW, I really wanted that! I had several things that I had been wanting for years and through the generosity of this group, I now have them! I kept disturbing my DH because I kept saying, "Look, I got (fill in the blank) seeds!"

    He says it is NOT an addiction, it is a hobby! LOL!

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    It's wonderful to hear how everyone feels that got their package. Kris, that poem was especially touching. We love you, girlfriend, and hope all is looking up for your family.


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    Angelady, Your seed packets look good. I tried to make them and it looks pretty easy and no need of sticky taps with them.

    See what I got today. Through freecycle I got these planters and they are 12 of them and are brand new with price tags on them. I am so excited. Wow!


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    WOW JASMINE!!! NICE SCORE GO YOU!!! I am NEVER ever that lucky!!!

    :) Fran

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    Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I received my package (for guessing closet to number)from GrannieB yesterday. It was filled with all kinds of neat seeds!

    Thanks! Rhonda

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    Jasmine - What a great deal you got on those pots! WooHoo! Also, thanks for the compliment on the seed packets. You have no idea the countless hours that went in to me folding paper until I found the perfect design! LOL!

    Here's how you do it:

    1. Cut a piece of notebook paper in fourths. Each piece of ruled paper will become the seed packets. I normally just crease it it half both directions and tear along the creased line.

    2. Use the short side of the paper as the top. (There are two short sides and two long sides, like any rectangle would have.) I also like to use the red line that goes down the page to the inside of the packet, so that would be facing you right now. Bring the top left corner and top right corner down and in to the top middle part of the paper where both points meet. Where they meet, is where you'll crease the top left and top right side of the paper. It should look like a point at the top that forms a triangular shape at the top of the paper, like the point on an arrow.

    3. Bring the bottom of the paper up until it meets the bottom of the triangular shape and crease it there.

    4. Bring the left side in to the center of the paper and crease it there. (The center is easily visible by the line that was made in the middle of the top triangle shape you already made.

    5. Do the same thing to the right side bringing it also into the center and creasing it.

    6. Bring the bottom up to where the the left side and right side straight lines end.

    7. Fold the top flap down inside the bottom flap you just brought up to "seal" the envelope.

    It really is an amazingly simple mini seed packet that used lightweight, ordinary notebook paper. All I do is open up the right side (because I'm right-handed), pour the seeds in and fold it right back up. One thing I would highly recommend is writing on the ruled lines on the front of the packet BEFORE filling with seeds. It's that simple.

    I've seen a lot of origami packets that had to use the heavier, bulkier paper to stay firm and like a good packet, but this isn't one of them. I've also seen that if even one little line is not perfectly creased, the packets looks "off", but this isn't one of them, either. It's a very forgiving design that hardly shows a flaw even when my kids make them!

    I hope others will try to make them. If I can scan each image along the way, then I'll try to make another post with pictures. I blow these out while I'm watching TV without ever cutting or gluing paper. I can make over a hundred in no time at all. Just the first ones you make take a little longer as you get used to it, then you fly right through them!


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    Gosh Jas!!! you got sooo lucky!! :') we made talla a shirt dress

    its one from i absolutely love it!! talla does too now. but my browser wouldn't let me come to gardenweb for a while, because i couldn't use IE, it made my pc go nuts, so i had to use a different browser and then a different one, ahhhh then a friend said, duh medo, just download firefox again, geee. LOL so now i can talk again. please, don't roll your eyes, i will behave!!

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    Medo - What a cutie you have there! And, the shirt is cool, too!

    Rhonda - Yea! I'm glad you got your prize! You totally deserve it, girl!