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advice for newbie

15 years ago

Hello all! I am new to gardening this year and planted my first vegetable garden this past spring. I made an 8x4 raised bed and not following the directions that came on the seed packets or with the seedlings I made up my own rules and crammed A LOT into this small space. I did not know about square foot gardening but I am now finding that I 'kinda' followed the SFG guidelines (still crammed too much in). I am now working on my fall garden and want to clarify a few spacing rules before I ruin my yields again....

I have some Broc, Caul,(6 each) that according to the guidelines I am to plant 1/sf correct??

I have bush bean seeds that I need to get in the ground ASAP but am VERY reluctant to plant 9/sf as I read. Is this really correct? That seems like WAY too many. In my spring garden I did one seed every 4 inches (four ft long row) and HAD to pull up every other one because it was too crowded.

I have romaine and bibb leaf lettuce seeds... 1/sf?

I have 6 brussel sprout seedlings... couldn't find the spacing on SFG guidelines... help!

I also have seeds for the following if I have room.

melting sugar peas

sugar snap peas

bush cucumber




please advise me as to how to plan and space so that my yields won't suffer as they did this summer!

my bed is again 8x4.

I REALLY wish I would have found this forum earlier, I have been listing all of my questions and comments on the home page gardening forum.... better late than never!

thanks in advance for all your help!


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