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septoria leaf spot and over winter

8 years ago

I have struggled with septoria leaf spot for several years. Some suggested management tactics I can't do--no easy way to rotate, the watering system is overhead, for example. I have treated once it's spotted with Ortho copper fungicide. That doesn't seem to make a dent in the problem.

Several questions:
*We had a winter with 40+ days below zero. Will the fungus have survived?
*I can try moving some plants to other spots on the property like in flower beds; how far away do I need to be from the problem soil? The last two years, tomatoes planted in Earth boxes within 25' of the garden were also infected. How many years (aagghh!) must I stay out of the problem soil?
*If I try again in the same spot, what treatments should I use from day 1?
*Are the tomato cages also a likely culprit and do they need cleaning with a bleach solution?

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