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Yellowing leaves, brown patches and black spots on my tomato?

10 years ago

Hi everyone! I've never grown tomatoes from seed before until this year. I noticed that as my tomatoes matured indoors (i think i left them too long) they began to turn light green. now they have been put outside (about 2 weeks now) and the plants are getting worse. the pictures bellow will explain the problem better than i can. Only one tomato plant (out of 6) seems to be relativity free from these problems. Please can you help me identify the problem and do something about it?

Also, i have given another 6 of my plants away to a friend when they were still small. At first they had similar (but not as severe) symptoms, but those plants are now all healthy. (they did plant their tomatoes out earlier than me though- other than that they treated them the same way). Mine are not getting better, even the new leaves are starting to yellow. Thank you!

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