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New: All My Bloomin' Friends Seed Swap-April

18 years ago

Okay folks. Looks like we have a great group of people in the new group that just might be called "All My Bloomin' Friends." I, Mellen/Mary Ellen, will be your hostess for the first month. It will be a SEED SWAP.

This is how I would like it to work. You send all of your most expensive, rare, and favorite seeds to me, and I will keep them and plant them. No???? Okay, then, let's try this! I will sell them and distribute all of the profits after the cost of shipping and handling that you owe me-S&H is 100% by the way. Do I hear a growl from Carol's dog? Okay, oKAAAYY!!

This is REALLY how this is going to work! As each of you sign up, would you also list up to 10 varieties of seeds(specific names if you'd like) that you would like to receive in return? I would suggest that you also might want to update your seed want list. I know I will be looking there to see if I have anything that you want.

Next, you may also send in other seeds, too. You may send UP TO 3 packs of any 1 specific seeds. No more than that, please. I would really like to try to stay away from seeds labeled "yellow marigolds," etc. Let's be as specific as we can. Please make sure that seeds are 2004 or newer and that each packet is clearly marked with seed variety and name--common name is just fine with me. Let's try to follow 1/8-1/4 teaspoon for tiny seeds, around 20 seeds for medium sized seeds, and 8-10 for large seeds.

I would like the deadline for signing up to be Friday night, March 31, 2006, 11:59 P.M. I would think that we could all make up our minds by then and post lists of our top 10 seed wants. Then, would you kindly take a look at all of your other friend's top 10 lists and maybe even their seed "want" lists? Do you have anything you would be willing to give them? If so, maybe paperclip them together with the person's name on them so I make sure that person gets them.

The deadline for sending your seeds to me will be Good Friday, April 14, 11:43 P.M. That will give you 2 weeks to get your seeds together and mailed.

When you mail your seeds, PLEASE INCLUDE:

-any seeds for another player-clipped together with their name attached

-all other seeds that you want to swap--no more that 3 per specific variety

-all of this goes into a bubble envelope

-address and send the envelope to me

-please send YOUR ADDRESS on a separate slip of paper INSIDE THE ENVELOPE

-make sure you send ENOUGH POSTAGE so I can mail your envelope back to you.

I have a lot of my own seeds to contribute to this swap so you will be getting some of those, too. You do not need to include extra postage for those. I will take care of that. Whatever postage you had to pay to get your envelope to me is how much postage I will expect to find in your envelope.

I think it's ready to go so let's go ahead and start signing up. As you sign up, I will e-mail you my address. Feel free to ask questions. This is my first ever "hostess position," so I have probably missed something. Crazy people welcome here.

Mellen/Mary Ellen

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