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Quick question about filling my raised bed.

9 years ago

We are moving into our new house and having several large pine trees cut down. We've decided to ask the remover to leave much of the chipped up limbs.

We're building cinder block raised beds. They will be 24" high. What I want to do is first lay down about an inch of cardboard (from our moving boxes); the put down 18" of the chipped pine. Finally top with 6 inches of Mel's Mix. Then, in the spring, after everything has settled, top off with more Mel's Mix & start our spring garden. Every year, thereafter, continue to add our own compost mix.

Is this a good idea? I don't want to spend the money filling a 24" deep box with expensive mix, when I'll have a good 5-7 cubic yards of pine chips.

Thanks so much for any advice.

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