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My Square Foot Garden History, Building ,Pics and Progress

14 years ago

I am just creating this post so I can detail the history and progress of my square foot garden along with construction pictures and progress pictures. It is very much a work in progress but I enjoy seeing other pictures and progress and thought I should share as I have just been lurking.

How it looks a week or so ago.

By mikeinparadise

It is on a property that we will eventually build a house and move to but currently has an old cabin on it. It is 5 acres across from the Atlantic ocean where we have a very short growing season. Little sunshine and ridiculously high wind very frequently. Frost dates are June 6th to September 29th.

The place was overgrown and basically a garbage dump out back when we started. (What were we thinking!)

This a view of where the square foot garden is now.

After some cleanup. Inset show location.

I started out 2 years ago with a traditional garden down by a creek on the property, Last summer we had a tropic storm come by, one of those 50 year storms and it flooded the creek on the property and destroyed the garden last summer.

Sigh! Good bye all that hard work!!!

Next post I will show constructing the square foot garden

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