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UPDATE: part two :obf ** march swap** butterflies & flutte

16 years ago

This is part 2 of the March Swap!

March is in honor of: Learn about Butterflies day March 14th.

Why hold a butterfly day in March? ItÂs a good time to plan and plant that new flower bed or butterfly garden. Learn how to attract them to your yard. You can do this by planting flowers that they like. As you look to attract butterflies, look for flowers with lots of nectar. Also, look for flowers whose blooms offer a suitable place for a butterfly to land and rest while feeding. There are also certain plants which make suitable nesting

places for butterflies.

And since hummingbirds are "flutterbies" weÂll celebrate them as well!

So for March, letÂs find plants, seeds or other items for our partner which will help them attract these busy little critters to their yards, or just celebrate their beauty!

And seeing the 3rd week of March is national Chocolate week, we mustnÂt let that pass without celebration!

Days to notice - 19th - National Chocolate Caramel Day, 24th - National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day!

And just to keep things interesting, letÂs include Extraterrestrial Abductions Day, on March 20th!

Our guidelines for March: We want to keep our swap box at $20 - Try to have your box mailed no later than March 23rd so everyone gets their box in March!

AMYBABYBOY - Sends to - Susie skholer

Beth_B_Kodiak - Sends to - Amy AMYBABYBOY

Debbya - Sends to - Annie RaggedyAnn

DizzyD - Sends to - zabecc Elizabeth

Giverny4me - Sends to - Debbya Deb

Klickitat - Sends to - Dizzy Susann

LIL_GREEN_THUMB/KIM - Sends to - Veeja11 Carol

Micke - Sends to - GiverNY4me Susan

RaggedyAnn - Sends to - Beth Beth B Kodiak

Sguanzon - Sends to - Lil_Green_thumb Kim

Skholer - Sends to - Klickitat Jules

Veeja11 - Sends to - Sguanzon SueG

zabecc - Sends to - Tina M&M mmqchdygg BIRTHDAY GIRL!

mmqchdygg - Sends to - Micke Michelle

Keep watching for more fun contests!!!!!!

Our Bloomin Friends Friendship Swap Group was created to have a reliable, fair and safe haven to swap and trade between the group members. If you care to join us, we would love to have you. Please be a successful member of garden web and have had a trade with two or three of our members. Membership requests should be directed to veeja11/carol

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