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two weeks untill memephis swap 1.0

16 years ago

We are back from our road-trip to S/W-FL and I just finished walking the grounds at the swap site. We are in good shape and all systems are a go. Just hoping for clear weather, now.

The plant swap will be sharing the day with the "church yard sale" However it is important to note that it will NOT be advertised outside of the church, and here. Therefore we should not have to worry about too much riff-raf, free-loaders and general less-desirables.

That being said if you have boxes of crap (err, "stuff too good to throw away, but you don't need it anymore" ;-/) to get rid of... this might be an opprtunity to clean out your closet, attic, etc.

Don't forget the pot-luck luncheon, and plan to do some digging and planting, general socializing and cavorting, and PLEASE bring the kids.. there is plenty of room for them to run-a-muck and just be kids. My 14 and 7 year olds will be there.

12 APRIL 2007....................(primary date)

19 APRIL 2007.............(inclement weather resched)

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church

6050 Summer Ave, Memphis TN

Between Sycamore View and Ral-Lagrange

Across from Shelby Oaks Elementary School

Set-Up 0700 to 0900

Swap/Sale 0900 to 1500

Indoor restrooms, coffee, iced-tea, lemonade, water, popcorn available.

Sometime during the day I'd like to enlist the aid of willing folks in helping "beautify" the grounds. We will be cleaning/weeding the flower beds, planting some flowers, etc. If you have them, please bring any basic gardening tools. If anybody has a wheel-barrow or garden cart, and the means to transport them, they would be most helpful. If anybody wishes to donate any suitable plants or trees to the cause, they will not be denied.

If the soil conditions permit (e.g. not too soggy) I'd like to rent a tiller and get the new Community Garden started that day. I will be personally donating some Elderberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Fig cuttings, a Pomegranate, and Cherry tree to that cause. If anybody wishes to donate any suitable plants or trees to the cause they will not be denied. I will be taking a roll/roster of all volunteers, and having a commemorative plaque made and installed. In the fall I would like to have a public get-together or two to can/preserve all we can and offer the results to volunteers to take home, as well as provide yummies during our fall harvest festival (aka Halloween Party.)

I can be reached at (901)283-5890 (Cell) for more details or to discuss.

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