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Ressurection fern care

14 years ago


I just got back from Savannah, Georgia and brought back some more ressurection fern for my terrarium. Would this terrarium work? :

LIGHTING: The lighting is currently one 15watt repti-glo uvb lamp designed for lizards and frogs, and one heat lamp (75 watt) i think is from Exo-terra, but im not sure because i threw the packaging out. but the heatlamp is designed ESPECIALLY for lizards. I may downgrade the heatlamp from a 75 watt to a 50. from the way the plants are growing, I'd say the light is enough.

HUMIDITY: 70-80% (lower than 90% because of screen top)

SOIL: coco-fiber (bed-a-beast, I heard that if it always stays curled up you need to put it in moist soil)

BACKGROUND- great stuff foam, silicone, and coco-fiber


I have a drip wall I could mount it on, I may put it there. I stuck large pieces of driftwood in the background, and one has a small amount of moss growing on it. Should I put it there???

Would this terrarium be suitable for this fern? I also have: 1 green tree frog, one salamander, one green anole, five cricket frogs, and one gray tree frog in the tank.


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