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I.E. Cukes, Melons, & Summer Squash

11 years ago

It is time for Incredible Edible's Cukes, Melons, & Summer Squash Swap.

The Tomato, Peppers, and Salad swaps are winding down and this is the second to last I.E. Swap this spring, so don't miss out.

Here are the rules

* No deadline for signing up, but ALL seeds must reach me by March 31st. I will do my very best to have them back out by April 7th.

* Seed packets should be labeled as commercial, or harvested/hand collected. Because cucurbits cross so readily, only send collected seed if you took steps (bagging or isolation) to maintain seed purity. Please don't send seeds you collected from a purchased fruit, they likely will not grow true.

* Seed packets should have minimum of 12 - 15 seeds per packet.

* Limit of 3 packets per variety. If you send in more than 3 packs of any variety, the rest will be considered extras. This will increase the variety in the swap. More varieties sent in equals more variety received back. If you have something rare or in high demand, contact me and I will likely wave the 3 pack limit for that item.

Due to other swaps having way too many common varieties, below is a list of varieties that will NOT be accepted in this swap. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with them (Crimson Sweet is my most reliable watermelon) but they are very common varieties available at many hardware or big box stores, so therefore, not on anyone's wishlist. If you send these in, I will return them to you.

Marketmore 76 Cucumber

Hale's Best Cantaloupe

Crimson Sweet Watermelon (red)

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Black Beauty Zucchini

If you don't have these varieties and want them, go ahead and put them on your wishlist. I likely have enough to send you some.

I will also send back any seed mixes and packets without specific variety names. For backyard gardeners, these crops take up too much space to not know what we're planting.

* Limit of total packs is 50. If you have "extras" that you want to share go ahead and send them in but I can only promise 50 packets back.

* Please put your GW name on the seed packet. This will ensure that you don't receive your own seeds back.

* Include a list of what you are sending in. This will also ensure that you don't receive the same thing you sent in.

* Please include a wishlist, or at least let me know what categories you are most interested in, so that I can send you things you will enjoy, even if I don't have items specifically from your wishlist. You may also indicate if you prefer OP/Heirloom types, or Hybrids. I can't guarantee what you will get back, since it is dependent on what others send in, but I will do my best.

* Commercial seeds should have an expiration date of '10, '11, or '12. If hand collected, they should have been harvested in '09, '10, or '11. Please put this information on the seed packet.

* Canadian GW members are welcome to join, as long as their seeds reach me by the deadline. Since they are unable to post on the Round Robin forum, they will need to email me to sign up.

* And last but not least, please use a bubble envelope and include a return address label, and enough postage, for the return trip. If you are sending cash, remember postal rates recently went up. Also, if you want me to send your package with a delivery confirmation, you need to send enough $ to cover it.

* I will email you privately with my mailing address once you have posted here to sign up for this swap. You must make sure that your GardenWeb profile has your email address listed, and it's visible to other members, so I can contact you.

A lot of rules I know but each is designed to make the swap a success. Thanks.


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