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My first ever garden is in - here's the final layout!

15 years ago

Well, the garden is in! I've got a 4x7 bed (strangely - not sure how I got 7') and thought I'd pop in a pic of the layout I used. The trellis is north. The tomatoes are in 18" triangular cages and three across fit perfectly. The zucchini isn't actually planted yet but I plan on "caging" it using a hoop intended to keep bushy plants off the ground so hopefully it'll fit in the 4 sq feet. The west side has shallow 8" depth thanks to the idiots who poured our patio leaving one heck of a lot of concrete under the ground. The east side is 12" deep on top of lawn. I didn't line the bed with anything and BOY I'm hoping the grass doesn't come thru, I never thought of it, although I've never seen grass that would grow up thru 8 to 12 inches of soil before. Surely it'll smother? There weren't any weeds to speak of.

So...what do you think? When things start coming up I'll be taking picures.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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