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Let's Talk About Mulch....

14 years ago

What's the best mulch for Mel's mix, my main goal being moisture retention? It seems like the mix (at least the top 2" of it) does dry out very quickly. We're on mandatory water rationing here in my county, of course the same summer I decide to start gardening. LOL

If you use redwood or other tree bark, does that mulch then become part of Mel's mix over time as it breaks down? I saw suggestions to use hay bales (pests live in there, though), or carpet remnants (which would weight down the mix), and paper (but that seems soggy). So I'm a bit confused as to which way to go with this.

Also, I'm growing a lot of things from seeds right now, like lettuce, arugula, carrots, radishes, chives. They need constant moisture levels to germinate, but will a mulch layer actually prevent them from coming up?

I did a search, but it came back with lots of suggestions back from 2005 and 2006, before the introduction of Mel's new mix. HOping there's some newer information....

thanks for your help,


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