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need info on hosting a plant swap

18 years ago

I'm seriously thinking about about hosting a plant swap. I'd like to do something like this--everyone send me plants and/or rooted cuttings with enough postage to send back to you the same # of whatever you send in. I'd like to have all post a wish list so that I could try to match up plant wants. Before I post the swap I'm wondering if anyone who has hosted a swap like this can give me some pointers and details on the best way to go about hosting. My worry is that the first plants I get will be "waiting around" until all in the swap decide to send theirs. How should I preserve the first ones until the swap is completed? I think this would be fun to do--I just want to do it RIGHT and with minimal headaches-if possible.:) I've never hosted before. Any input would be great. Thanks in advance, mgood4u

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