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NEW: May Plant Swap

13 years ago

Hosting May Plant Swap

Signup's Taking here.Rules are as follow's.Please respect the rule's,and emailing your player and sending on time.

Sending date is:May 24th,2010.

How should you send:Flat rate priorty mail box with a dc

what is a flat rate?

Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box $10.70 11" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" Reason I suggest this time.Is it is a plant swap.they get heavy.

Here is a link to usps site:

what is a dc?:

delivery status of your mailing, label or receipt number

Delivery Confirmation service gives you the date, ZIP Code and time your article was delivered.

Something to know when you sign up for a swap.

Please check email's and respond.Check your spam folder.

when you agree to a swap.Please post when you send and receive.It is respect of all playing the swap.

Please send on-time.The date we have in the swap.It is up to you if you want to send early,if you need to be somewhere,or have a event.or you have it all ready and want to surprise your player early,people like surprises.


Yes we all have computer can use a friend's computer,use the library,they now have computer service in every area you can pay to use.Use your wireless phone with email if you have that option.

There should be no reason to send late.we all get sick,we all have family issue's.

After you sign up and argee to terms listed in the post.

send on time,email player,send priorty flat rate with dc.

then email me your GW name.You name,address,a list of your plant wants,seed wants and thing you like to have-doesnt mean you will get them but nice to send your player a list in case they see something they have you may like.

Plant Swap is being in May cause all of your gardens are waking up and a cpl months we should be ready to send a nice box.This is for plants you have in your garden,home,seeds you have extra of.Please send a nice box.It is flat rate so fill it,send a box you would love to receive.You can put in garden related items that is up to you.

How to send a plant?

Take a rooted plant,wash the roots well of bugs,dirt etc.

and wrap with a wet paper towel.Not soaking wet but not damp either so plant can survive temps.put in a sandwich bag,or plastic bag.roll up with a elastic,then attach tape till tight so no air gets in.Label well.With name any info to help the player with planting.

add newspaper,packing peanuts to flat rate box.put your plants in and add more so plants wont get damaged.

I am explaining all this,in case we have newbies.But newbies have to have traded and have a good exchange record.I will be checking out exchange record's.Only fair to other players involved.I hope I explained the process I will keep this open till May 10th for signup's.I will send each player the player information.And sending date is May 24th.

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