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NEW: Petal Pushers: Circle of Friends

15 years ago

The theme for the Petal Pusher swap for the month of April is Circle of Friends.

What could be better than celebrating our wonderful GW friends who have helped make our gardens even more beautiful? I know I've certainly met some lovely people while trading....and have made some awesome friends along the way.

This month, we will send plants, seeds & a garden item that celebrates friendship. You could send seeds & plants with a "friendly" name or meaning, include a lovely friendship poem, send along a book that you would love to curl up and discuss with a buddy...even a garden sign or decoration that proclaims friendship. Anything is possible! Use your imagination! Bring a smile to your partner's face!! :O)

You could even tie your goodies in with your swap partner's name or GW name! Example: Melissa means honey bee, or lemon .... you could send lemon balm, bee balm, a garden flag with a honey bee on it........ For Pixiesluvplants.....why not send a "beautiful pixie" daylily? Possibilities are endless! Let's have fun with this one!! :O)

Here are the swap guidelines (no fun, but have to do it!):

* Must be 18 years old

* Any GW member can sign up! Just be sure to be ACTIVE...we like to hear from our "groupies" at least weekly. :O)

* For this swap, you must include friendship related items...

5 packs of seeds

1 (or more) plants or SUMMER bulbs

1 small gardening / and or friendship item

Anything else you'd like to include would be wonderful...but these are the BARE requirements!

I hope that covers it.

Let's have fun this month & celebrate our FRIENDSHIPS!!!


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