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what do y'all do when you've lost plants? (in your SFG)

12 years ago


I am new to SFG this year-- I am doing a Three Sisters planting my my 4'x5' bed (on a backyard patio) with:

-Jade Blue Corn

-half the bed Cherokee Trail of Tears Beans

-other half Golden Snow Pea

-Honeynut mini-Butternut Squash

-and a row of carrots along one long side of the bed.

I started some of the seeds indoors and some direct sow as per the plant, and everything is planted outside now. But, we have had a very cool, wet Spring (you may have seen the scary storms on the news), and I think that some of my plants have given up the ghost. In particular, the peas seem to hate how wet it's been.

What do y'all do when you've lost plants?

Do you plant more of the same thing that was there, even if it's past the usual planting/sowing time?

Or do you just treat it like you would if you had harvested and choose something else to plant in its place?

We have a longish growing season here (I had tomatoes into October last year!), but I just wondered as to folks' opinions about replanting vs. new planting, and what they've done in similar situations.

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