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TERRIBLE! High Country Gardens - Anyone else?

15 years ago

I ordered a nearly $300 worth of plants from High Country Gardens - and when they arrived, literally half of them were *terrible*!

They were *tiny*. I'd read up on them and expected small, but not tiny. Still, I can deal with tiny. . .but Half were totally infested with weeds - to the point where I couldn't just pick them out, and one plant (I was really looking forward to receiving) had a bunch of tiny, brown snails. (It cost $10 for a tiny plant with snails!) In a separate box, there were snails wandering around but I couldn't figure out which plant they'd come from.

A good portion of the plants were dead-ish or in bad condition.

Out of 39 plants, 18 are unusable. Even the "good ones" - I wouldn't have bought them if I saw them at a local nursery - especially at the prices they charge.

I wrote them an email today, requesting a refund - but what I am hoping to find out from you is, have you had this kind of experience with them?

Weeds - Snails - Near Dead? I mean, it's crazy.

Whenever I've seen them mentioned here in the past, or on Dave's Garden, it's been how amazing they are.

What is up?!

I'm so horribly disappointed.

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