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Zoo garden - plants with animal names

18 years ago

I just wanted to share an idea of the garden in my backyard that belongs to my 8 year old grandson. He wanted a separate garden not just a section of my garden, so we started a Zoo garden. All the plants have animal names and once we got started, we found so many plants the garden is almost full in one season. The plants are : elephant ears, zebra grass, lamb's ear, catch-fly, foxglove, spiderwort, peacock fern, deer fern, ostrich fern, Dalmation bellflower, bird's foot trefoil, wormwood, cranesbill, shrimp plant, bee balm, snakeroot, Ostrich plume astilbe, leopard's bane, fleabane and goatsbeard. I showed my grandson how to plant and take care of them last spring and he remembered so well that this year he helped with potting my annuals. I hope this becomes a good memory for him just like it did for me when my grandmother "started me" becoming an avid gardener. Some photos of the garden are on my webpage, link listed below. Just go to the link for photo albums and then click on "My Garden"

Here is a link that might be useful: Stoney & Jill and Shellnutt Family

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