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Mimosa Pudica (Biology Poject)

Grant Mccormack
52 years ago

HI i'm doing a project on the sensitive plant(Mimosa puica).

The project involves me testing the reaction times of the plants when stimulated(Mail me to find out more). I am looking for more information on the way the plants folding mechanism works and any factors that would inhibit the ate of leaf closure. Mail me with any info

Thanx Grant...

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  • yeo-yo
    52 years ago

    i 'd like to have some info about mimosa pudica as i also doing this project...thz!

  • Victor
    52 years ago

    mimosa is a unique plant and probably the only that folds in such a way. Usually as defense mechanism, like all plants the leafs fold by use of a pulvinus which controls water pressure within the cells. the rates of closure of these leaves can be inhibited by use of "hormone" like substances. If u want to know more e-mail me.

  • Heather Somes
    52 years ago

    I would test out different amounts of light and heat. On the package of seeds I bought they said light was a factor. Good luck!

  • Suzy_T
    19 years ago

    As a follow up question, I was wondering if there are some kinds of mimosa that are not sensitive at all. My nephew has what he says is mimosa and apparently it is quite large, but he says that it does not "fold up" at all when touched. My sister is also growing some in her green house. She planted them around the 14 of Feb, they are quite big now but they are also not sensitive to touch. They do however fold up when the sun goes down. Does anyone know why this may possibly happen? Do they need to be a certain age before they will develop the sensitive thing? Thanks :)

  • erdolphin
    18 years ago

    There is a mimosa tree that is not native to the states that looks very much like sensitive mimosa. It grows over 20 feet high and is invasive but has gorgeous feathery pink blossoms mid-summer. They do not fold up when touched but close for the night.

  • PRO
    Catrina's Garden
    17 years ago

    There is another plant that folds it's leaves back, it is partridge pea (Chamaecrist fascicelata). It's a really neat little annual native plant with pretty yellow flowers; self sows too.

  • str8gone
    17 years ago

    I am currently growing what I was told was a Mimosa Pudica bonsai. However it doesnt close up from touch, only from lack of light. I noticed earlier someone mentioned that there are certain species of mimosa that only close up at night. Could anyone tell me the name of this plant?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • str8gone
    17 years ago

    I cant believe I have posted a question on this forum and 6 days later still no reply. Is it just that people are not very active on this forum? How does anyone ever get anything answered?


  • tdogmom
    17 years ago

    Sam, have you ever checked the Biophilia Nature Center? They have the 'sensitive plant' and may have an answer to your question about the Mimosa pudica bonsai plant. :)

    Here is a link that might be useful: Possible answer to your question :)

  • piznipy
    13 years ago

    how long does it take to germinate?