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Drought-Tolerant Privacy Hedge With Non-Invasive Roots?

10 years ago

I'm looking to plant privacy hedges/trees/vines between my house and the chain-link fence which separates me from the neighbors. It's a fence-line of about 40-50 feet, I live in Los Angeles County (Zone 10) and would like to keep the plants in my yard native, or at least fairly drought-tolerant. The thing is, the distance between my house and the fence is only about 4 feet, and running parallel to both, right down the center, is where my sewer line is buried. I'd ideally like to have a hedge, tree, or vine which grows up to around 8-10 feet tall, while filling in to provide privacy, however I'm very concerned about the possibility that something which grows that tall and fast might have roots which will invade my sewer line. Is there something out there that might fit my needs?
Thanks in advance!

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