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Spring Me A Surprise

I thought this would be a great way to share extra seeds with those who are looking for specific seeds before spring gets here.

This is a surprise swap so please don't post who you are sending seeds to. You do not need to send seeds to join, just post your top 5 wants. If possible try and find at least one other to send to.


1. Post your top 5 seed wants. The ones you really would like to have before spring gets here.

2. Send me your GW name and your address in an email. I will send out a spreadsheet of addresses by email on February 28th of all requests by GW name with their addresses so you can send seeds. Try to mail out the seeds during the first week of March.

3. Have Fun!



OK everyone here is the new and final lists...

Everyone should have recieved the email with each others list and address. Please email me if you did not get it.

*Tammy / Greenthumbgrow

1. Tomatillo - Pineapple ****Mostest Wanted

2. Penny Black *****Mostest Wanted

3. Osteospermum ecklonis and Asti **Will do the happy dance if I get this**

4. Grass - Fiber Optic

5. Painted Daisies (Red) Pyrethrum

6. Bee Balm - red - pink - purple or white

7. Japanese Bloodgrass

8. Lisianthus - Any colors varieties

9. BleedingHeart - White

10. Poppy, Persian White (somniferum)

11. Camellia

12. Pincushion Flower **Daughter wants this one.

13. Astilibe - Any Types or ANY Shady but dry lovers

14, Star Anise

15. Your favorite and Why :-)

Kristine / Kristlindgren

1. Asiatic Lily - any

2. Calla Lily - any

3. Tree Lily - any

4. Oriental Lily - any

5. Daylily - any

6. Astilibe - any

7. Herbs - any

8. Columbine - any

9. Salvia - any

10. Hollyhock - any

11. Zinnia - any

12. Sweet pea - any

13. Coleus - any

14. Green colored flowers

15. Blue colored flowers

*Dorothy / Dimples31312

1. Canary Creeper

2. Picher Plant-Any

3. Iochroma-Any

4. Gas Plant

5. Hardy Geraniums-any

Andrea / Andreaz6wv

1) County Fair cucumbers

2) Provider beans

3) Orient Express eggplants

4) Charengtais melon

5) Favorite rhubarb varities

*Mark / markcase1964

1. Joey Ptilotus (Most WANTED!)

2. surprise me

3. green cone flowers

4. watermelon radish or Misato Rose fall radish

5. did I say surprise me?

6. red cone flower (the double decker one, don't remember the name)

7. husk cherry

8. does anyone like to surprise people?

9. scallions

10. leeks

11. I like surprise packages.

12. Valdalia onions

13. garlics

14. did I say surprise me?

15. I may have forgot to mention, I like to be surprised.

*Andrea / appaloosa909

1. Lovage

2. Spinach

3. Cukes (Pickling kind)

4. Sugar snap peas

5. Anthurium scherzerianum -pigtail anthurium, pigtail flamingo flower, tailflower

6. Snow Peas

7. Nasturtium

8. Lisianthus (any color)

9. Nierembergia

10. Cutting Celery

11. Nemesia

12. Brachycome

13. Bacopa

14. Abutilon (Flowering Maple)

15. Thunbergia (black eyed susan vine) Any color

*Connie / clc70

1. Jap. Blood grass (I'd really like this one).

2. Hardy geranium, any.

3. Agastache, any.

4. Colius, any.

5. Monarda

*Donna / sunnyk

1. Any Achillea/Yarrow

2. Any Astilbe...except pale pink

3. Any Blue Foliaged Hosta

4. Catnip

5. Any Artichoke

Wendy / Sassybutterfly_2008

1. Flowers in Hot Pinks, Reds, anything that attracts the hummers! :)

2. Gaillardia Commotion Tizzy or Frenzy *SUPER wish! :)

3. ANY of the ornamental Oreganos *REALLY would love!

4. Tropaeolum Azureum 'Blue Nasturtium'

5. Daylilys ~ any but the standard Stella D'oro please, starting a brand new bed in a brand new yard this year :)

*Dan, Bump & Stella / Dan the Mailman

1. Perennial Flowers

2. Annual Flowers

3. Coleus

4. Ornamental Grasses

5. Flowering Vines

6. Perennial Flowers

7. Annual Flowers

8. Coleus

9. Ornamental Grasses

10. Flowering Vines

11. Perennial Flowers

12. Annual Flowers


14. Your Favorite Veggie, And Why

15. Your Favorite Flower, And Why

*Nichol / Gardenmom2

1. amaranthus - any

2. basil - any (I have lemon, red)

3. broccoli - heirloom, green and purple -really want

4. chrysanthemum

5. sea pink or sea thrift

6. named coleus

7. cardinal flower (flower)

8. phlox

9. false indigo

10. wolfs bane (monkshood)

11. sedum

12. red valerian

13. hardy or scented geranium

14. annul geranium (bedding)

15. lantana

16. verbena

*Alana / poisiondartfrog

1. Tomato, Golden Monarch

2. Tomato, TC Jones

3. Runner Bean, White Lady

4. Papaver somniferum giganteum

5. Any Heirloom flower or vegetable grown in Jefferson's Monticello garden.

(I have Pentapetes, Lemon Balm, Impatiens glandulifera, and Dolichos lablab already.)

6. Ornamentals or vegetables with poultry references in the name. Examples(I already have these) Rooster Spur Pepper, Purple Eggplant, Cockscomb Kurume Corona, Poached Egg Plant, etc

*James / Haymay

1.) purple podded pole beans

2.) amana orange tomato

3.) paul robeson tomato

4.) schimmieg striped tomato

5.) tatsoi

*Angela / Yotetrapper

#1 Lisianthus, any

#2 Hardy geraniums, any but especially splish splash

#3 Named pansies/violas

#4 Named Sweet Peas

#5 Digitalis cafe creme or green apples

#6 any clematis but jackmanni sweet autumn or purple

#7 daylillies any

#8 black eyed susan vines "white eyes susie", "sunrise surprise","blushing susie"

#9 easter egg plant

#10 eveing primrose (white or pink only please)

#11 chysanthemum blue knoll

#12 coneflower jade only

#13 coleus black dragon

#14 poached egg plant]

#15 Marigold Hawaiian orange

*Fran / ncgardengil

1. BIG MAMA lima beans (even just 1 bean NO JOKE)

2. Perennial Geraniums

3. Frying peppers or any sweet (NOT reg green like CA Wonder, I have that)

4. Variegated tomato

5. Uncommon Herbs (not chives, cilantro, common sweet basil)

6. Any ASIAN/FRENCH VEGGIES (forgein basically is what I seek)

7 Any Bok or Pac choy (esp mini ones)

8. BlueKuri Squash OR Red Kuri Squash: AKA Japanese squash, Orange Hokkaido or Uchiki Kuri squash

9 ANY Heirloom beans including runner beans (any really ANY trying to collect to perserve and eat as well )

10. Asparagus Pea aka Winged Bean aka Goa Bean

11. Primula 'You and Me Blue'

12. ANY Primulas

13. Kiwi

14. NAMED Wave Petunias (PLEASE)

15. Tropaeolum Azureum 'Blue Nasturtium'

*Chris / grolikecrazy

1. Vines/Climbing/running Bean : Wisley Magic,Favioli Rampicanti Corona, Fasold, Goldfield,Blauhilde, Polestar,or Summer Medley Collection(Sunset, Desiree and Lady Di), Big Mama Lima), clematis Crystal Fountain,avant Garde, any fragrant or showy vines

2. Bleeding heart any newer varieties like 'Gold heart'or hardy Fushias (Ricartonii,madame cornelissen)

3. Digitalis any newer varieties like Candy mountain & Pam's choice

4.Dahlia striped, powder puffs, or any newer varieties like 'Ace summer Sunset', 'american Dawn',Purple haze, or Belle of Barmera

5. Sun plants:Hardy Geranium any (Birch's double, platypetalum, pratense splishsplash, springtime, sanguineum striatum)or any newer varieties like 'Peppermint twist' or big red, butterfly bush bicolor, any crocosmia

6. Shade plants: black elephant ears, jack in the pulpit, chinese hardy orchids,bat plants, giant himalyan lily, caladium any,Astrantia moulin rouge, ferns, astilbe, colorful heucheras

7. Cannas any (I got red): dwarf pink sunburst, red futurity, varieg stuttgart, Pretoria, Picasso, Wyoming, lucifer, Chinese coral, pink beauty,

8. Veggies;Lettuce Heat wave blend,curly ruffle mix, all season romaine mix, any French type corn salad, redbor kale (really want), dandelion ameliore, tat soi, rainbow mix cauliflower

9 Watermelon Moon and stars

10. Mushroom spawns any

*Vicki / rosieo

1. Four O'Clocks, Kaleidescope or Longiflora

2. Pennsylvania Dutch Red Lima Beans

3. Poppies, any kind.

4. Zinnias, any kind

5. Orange Hawaii marigolds

6. Any open pollinated or heirloom vegetables, especially heirloom beans or corn.

7. Well, gosh I don't want to be greedy, lol.

Kamil / Kamiljablo

1. Tomato White Oxheart

2. Yellow Radish

3. Lutescente Tomato

4. Cipollini Onion

5. Tree tomato

6. Hokkaido Black Watermelon

7. Hollow Tomatoes

8. White Brandywine Tomato

9. Asian Veggies

10. Kewl 'Cukes!

11. Squash Summer and Winter

12. Beans Any cool ones

13. Swiss Chard

14. Yellow Radishes

15. Red, Blue, and Black Corn!

*Traci / tansy mi zn5

1. Sunflower, maximillion

2. Anemone, japonica varieties

3. Hollyhocks, creme de cassis or any single flowered

4. Hare's Tail Grass, lagurus ovatus

5. Kiss me Over the Garden Gate

6. Pump Ke Mon, pumpkin

7. Cinderella Pumpkin

8. Ornamental Pepper, tricolore garda

9. Morning Glory, tie dye pink & blue

10. Poppy, Lauren's Grape

11. 4o' clocks, broken colors

12. Bachelor Buttons, polka dot mix

13. Ornamental Corn

14. Surprise Me!!

15. Your garden favorite & why.

*Lisa / ishareflowers

1.salvai artemis

2.agastache purple pygmy

3.double balloon flower


5.coneflower green wizard only

6.coreopsis sunfire flowers

8.white flowers

9.oriental poppy royal wedding

10.shade lovers

11.ruellia- wild petunia

12.helenium helena red

13.bears breech


15.your garden favorite and why!

*Ben / Heyitzbenny

1. Dahlia (something short, not the huge varieties that are taller than me!)

2. Cleome (hardy in zone 6)

3. Lemon Basil

4. Dwarf Sunflowers

5. Pansies/Violas (any)s

*Holly / riley17

dutchmans pipe vine

wisteria (can you grow that from seed? I'll put it on here just in case)

pretty vines

humminbird and butterfly plants, except for butterfly bush, I already have that.

**BUSHEL GOURDS** please, please, please!!!

anything I dont have (I love suprises)

hawaiian orange marigold


irish moss

yellow perfection viola

monarda ANY (Would especially like jacob cline)

chocolate cosmos

Jasmine (the smelly kind)

night blooming phlox

herbs (I have enough basil though lol)

*Kym/ Flwrs4ever

1. CAMELLIAS ( MY biggest want, for the past few years)

2. Primula

3. Joey -lambs tail

4. Adenium- desert rose

5. Lisianthus

6.Calendula- citrus smoothie


( If Epi dont come from seed, Id love Shasta Daisy, 'Esther Reed' 'Fluffy' or ' Wirral pride')

8. Brunnera 'looking glass'

9. Winter Jasmine ********* (blooms in the snow !)

10. Erygium 'blue hobbit' 'jade frost'

11.Lobelia ANY esp ' Ruby Slipper"

12.Stoekesia 'bluestone' purple parasol' 'color wheel'

13. Poppy danish flag' 'heirloom' or any NAMED

14. BULBS any

15. shade plants

Linda / Ibartoo

1. any blooming vines ( except trumpet vine or honeysuckle)

2. Cone flowers ( any non hybrids)

3. Rudbeckia ( any kind of short varieties)

4 sunflowers ( dwarf only please)

5. Bergenia cordifolia

6. Pentas ( any)

7. Things that bloom a lot

8. Mexican sunflower ( tithonia )

9. any perennials for shady dry soil

10. fruit basket peppers.


1. Salad Burnet

2. Borage

3. Pansies/ Violets

4. Primula/ Primrose

5. Onion

6. Impatiens

7. Paper Daisy (Acroclinium roseum)

8. English Daisy (Bellis perennis)

9. Strawflower (Helichrysum)

10. Gazania

11. Iceplant (Delosperma)

12. Heteropappus Blue Knoll

13. Cinnamon Basil

14. St. Johnswort

15. Lime Basil

Susan / susantexoma

1. Salvia coccinea Coral Nymph or Salvia Lady in Red

2. Any striped/bicolor zinnias

(Candy Cane, Swizzle Cherry & Ivory, Candy Stripe)

3. Patio Princess tomato or another tomato that's good for container growing

4. Any of these marigolds: Cottage Red, FireBall, Queen Sophia, Scarlet Starlet

5. Jalapeno False Alarm Hybrid or Mariachi Hybrid

6. Alyssum Rosie O'Day or another pink alyssum

7. Pentas, any color

8. Petunia Tie Dye or Pink Sunshine

9. Coreopsis Sweet Dreams

10. Cosmos Rhapsody in Red or Rose BonBon

11. Dianthus Diana Blueberry or Raspberry Swirl

12. Phlox drummondii (annual phlox), any color

13. Gomphrena QIS Mix

14. Purple Verbena

15. Zinnia Thumbelina Mix or White Wedding


1.Tropaeolum Azureum 'Blue Nasturtium' - Will do happy dance if I get this. Have wanted it for years!!

2. Mizuna "Red Streak" or "Ruby Streak"- I already have the green mizunas, only need the red kinds please.

3. Dianthus, old fashioned- Any with a strong, noticeable fragrance.

4. Kosaitai (red or purple stemmed choy sum). Already have green stemmed choy sum and REALLY WANT red stemmed. Another nice red stemmed veg. I'd like is Saisai purple (rare Asian radish green that has purply-red stems).

5. Viola odorata- Sweet violets (not pansies or johnny jump ups which are odorless) - I am only looking for violets that are noticeably fragrant.

6. Asian Baby Mustard Greens- frilly types only such as: "Golden Frill" or "Golden Streak".

7. "Red Noodle" Chinese yard-Long Bean

8. Strawberries, any of the following kinds: Alpine 'Mignonette','Yellow Wonder', 'Temptation', 'Fragissimo'

9. Wonderberry, Burbank's sunberry, garden huckleberry, or chichiquelite huckleberry (Solanum burbankii, Solanum melanocerasum, or similar cultivars of edible annual huckleberries.)

10. Litchi Tomato Or Morelle De Balbis Solanum sisymbriifolium- An annual fruit, does well in warm climates.

11. Persian anise basil (has silvery foliage and a licorice scent)

12. any of the following heirloom eggplants: Japanese White Egg, Listada De Gandia, Edirne Purple Striped, Arumagans

13. RED Bunching Onions or RED Scallions like Cippolotti Rossi, or Asian Red "Crimson Forest"(Allium fistulosum)- I already have the white bunching onion/scallion, need red only please.

14. "Chervena Chujski" bulgarian sweet pepper

15. Asparagus Pea aka Winged Bean aka Goa Bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus).

Dee / Faintheart

1. wave petunia, supertunia, or million bells - any color

2. your favorite annual

3. your favorite hardy perennial

4. hardy ornamental grasses

5. your favorite tomato

6. antirrhinum braun-blankquetii (perennial snapdragon)

7. aster azureus (sky-blue aster)

8. aster novae_angliae (new england aster)

9. baptisia australis (blue wild indigo)

10. chyrsanthemum maximum (shasta daisy 'crazy daisy')

11. perovskia atriplicifolia (russian sage)

12. monarda - any

13. phlox - any

14. salvia - any

15. iris siberica - any


PLEASE remember to let us know when you recieve envies and which seeds you got also remember to thank the senders.

I am glad I could host this swap it was very fun and I feel like I got to know a lot of you.

Tammy :-)

Comments (150)

  • zabecc
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I received another envelop today from Linda/ ibartoo!

    - white lisbon bunching onion
    - gazania ringens mix

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • greenthumbgrow
    Original Author
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Thanks Dee aka faintheart LOL. You thought I was joking but I really did do the happy dance my DH thought I was nuts over seeds... Well I am... I really wanted that osteospurmum and also loved the others. Danae told me to tell you thanks for the bachlor buttons. And I can't wait to add the others to my yard! Yeah!

    She sent
    Osteospurmum with a note to start dancin!
    Bachelor Buttons - Black Ball -For Danae
    Monarda Panorama Mix
    Cosmos bipinnatus 'seashells mix' (a favorite)

    Much appreciated!


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  • dan_the_mailman
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I also received an envie from Linda/ibartoo today in the mail! It had lily-of-the-nile (which I've never grown before), and spanish flag vine. I didn't know that was another name for mina lobata, which is an absolutely gorgeous vine that I've been in love with since discovering it about 5 years ago.


    Spanish Flag Vine (Mina Lobata)

    Lily of the Nile

  • poisondartfrog
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I thought the photo of the Mina lobata looked oddly familiar. That's in my garden. Ha ha ha ha ha. I thought I was trippin'.

  • sunnyk
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I recieved some Globe Artichokes today from Linda...Thank You so much !!! :)

  • susantexoma
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    This has been such a great swap! Today I got an envelope from Dee/faintheart with Zinnia Candy Cane Mix and Cosmos Tetra Versailles Red -- thank you so much Dee!


  • faintheart
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    LOL Tammy....tell DH I will send more seeds if the dance made him happy too! *giggles*

    It's just as much seeing everyone receive what was sent and getting them!!

    Glad everyone is enjoying their evies. :)

  • grolikecrazy
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I got my first envy from this swap today from Linda (ibartoo)I'm so excited to plant this vine Rhodochiton atrosanguineus, I've been eyeing it for a while in the catalogs I have, now i have no excuse! It is someone's favorite after all! Thank you so much Linda for thinking of me!
    My seed packets for this swap is slowly getting done,sorry, just have too many things going, i have about 4 more people to do, then I'll send them all at the same time, so i don't have to go to the post office several times...

  • ibartoo
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi everyone, I am so happy you are all enjoying the seeds I sent. I am enjoying mine too.
    This swap has been so much fun. I tell my son when I pick him up that I have to go to the post office and he tells me, It's ok Mom, I know the routine..... You're obsessed. LOL

    Tammy, I am glad you like my label cards. I wish I had had more ready for this swap, but I was running out. I print them myself using an old print shop program. The idea came to me in the middle of the night once and I started using them. I used to hate the little ziplock baggies. LOL I have even received a few back in trades.

    It is supposed to rain tonight, but maybe tomorrow I can get some sowing done outdoors. I don't have any more indoor spots.........
    Have a good night everyone.
    thanks for all the seeds you have shared with me too.

  • greenthumbgrow
    Original Author
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I just want to tell everyone Thanks so much for everything. I have really enjoyed this swap also.

    I did make a mistake in a post above I Mixed up the seeds sent on one.

    Flwrs4ever Sent me

    fiberoptic grass
    astilbe - pale Pink
    Calendua Kablouna

    I really appreciate it and sorry I wrote the wrong name I was listing from my head and see what happens when I do that.

    I looked up the calendua kablouna and LOVE it I am def. adding it this year to my garden. Thanks so much for sending that one.


  • sassybutterfly_2008
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Chris, that Rhodochiton atrosanguineus she sent you is GORGEOUS *making mad notes to add it to my future wish!

    Happy Friday everyone!

  • dan_the_mailman
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I feel like I hit the jackpot today! Dee, aka faintheart, sent me a bubbly with a terrific card and a whole list of seeds! The card is a b&w picture of daisies, and inside it were seeds for...
    blackberry lily
    cat grass
    green envy echinacea
    blue star morning glories
    bunnytail ornamental grass
    ponytail ornamental grass
    and angelica gigas, which will be something new to try out this summer. I'm gonna start some of these in the house tonight!

  • faintheart
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    You're welcome, Dan! Have a glass of wine, give Stella and Bump a pat and enjoy planting!!!

    Dee :)

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I got my second card yesterday, it was from Susantexoma. She sent me red and white rose of sharon seeds. Thank you Susan, they will make a lovely addition to my red and white flower bed this summer.


  • gardenmom2
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I rec'd an enve from sassybutterfly today. She sent me lantana pink/yellow. I love lantana and hope to winter over some next year. Wish me luck sowing them this weekend. I have several packs and I am going to soak them this afternoon and plant tomorrow. (crossing fingers)

    I love this swap. I love never knowing when something will be in the mailbox. It is such a nice surprise when you do get something.


    Thanks Wendy

  • kamiljablo
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Okay everyone! I decided to kill several birds with one stone so these are the mailers I got:

    Dan- Tomato Super Sweet 100 Hybrid ( Cant wait to try it! I will plant them in a hanging basket!)

    Linda (Ibartoo)- (Will def. try these!)
    Tendergreen Bush Beans
    Zuchinni Elite Hybrid

    Angella (Yotetrapper)-
    Ruby Queen Sweet Corn!!!!Yay!!!
    Winter Squash Blend
    Early Yellow Sraightneck Squash

    Alana- German Tree Pink Tomato!!!! OMG!!!!!!

    Lisa (Ishareflowers)- Snow White Tomato!!!!

    Hmmmm....Only one of my mailers arrived....Where are the other four?


  • dan_the_mailman
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Today I'd like to thank Kamil for the seeds I received today in the mail! He sent a cosmos mix, red turk's cap, scabiosa, marigolds, perennial lupine, and disco belle red hibiscus. THANKS KAMIL!!!

    On another note, I came home today and found that my cats had been into the dried catnip. The small bag (about 4-6 ounces) had been ripped open and scattered all around the office. My 4-month old kitten was hanging around the refrigerator, and the 16-month old kitten (neither will be fully grown until they're 4 years old) was laying on the office printer, his eyes glazed, just enjoying life. If he were any mellower, he'd be wanting to go buy a bong! LOL!

  • greenthumbgrow
    Original Author
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago


    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    I really liked both them but REALLY am glad to get the pineapple tomitillo (Already Sowed - BTW)

    Oh in case I forgot, Thank You!


  • tansy_mi_zn5
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    More envies & more seeds= more THANKS!!!!!

    Thanks Kamil for the maximillion sunflower...I can't wait to see these bloom.

    Thanks Linda/ibartoo for the creme de cassis hollyhocks...another I can't wait to see bloom in my garden.;-)

    I wonder if the seeds I sent ever landed? It's been almost a week.

  • sassybutterfly_2008
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    lol you're very welcome Tammy! :)


  • kristlindgren
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I did get more wonderful seeds and thought I had posted on Thursday to say thank you, but I did not hit the send button only the preview one and in the haste I through away whom it came from, so I will post what I have gotten and I am sure you know if you sent it.

    Zinnia - giant scarlet flame
    Black pepper vine
    Daylily - Double yellow
    Daylily - OP Elegant Candy
    Daylily - OP Coyote Moon
    Daylily - OP Siloam Royal Prince
    Salvia - Blue Bedder
    Columbine - Rocky Mountain Blue

    A very special THANK YOU to all for the wonderful seeds! I am very sorry I could not list whom they came from, but I do feel very special for you taking the time to send them to me.


    ps I will be sure to hit the correct buttons this time.

  • riley17
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I got another envie today, full of purple monarda, and red cypress vine! Thanks Wendy (Sassybutterfly)

  • susantexoma
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    This has been such an amazing swap! Today I got an envelope from Wendy/sassybutterfly with Salvia Coral Nymph and phlox drummondii -- THANK YOU Wendy!!


  • ncgardengirl
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I received from Tammy/greenthumbgrow:
    Mammoth Dill

    from ibartoo

    Yellow bell pepper
    chinese giant sweet bell pepper (can't wait to try these!)
    orange bell peppers

    Thank you both, someone else sent me something and I can not find the envy.
    It was during the time we were moving and it all got confuzzled.
    I am sorry but if you sent me something like 2 weeks ago please let me know if it was you! I have been so busy we have not have time to breath hardly much less anything else!

    Thanks you all of you who have sent me something I do appreciate everything I received.

    I have not sent mine out yet but I promise to work on all my swaps this weekend!

    :) Fran

  • poisondartfrog
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I got a surprise packet of Melampodium from Wendy (sassybutterfly_2008) today. Thank you Wendy! I know just where I will use them.

  • flwrs4ever
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Tammy, no problem I always write down the wrong names, but it was funny...I read the post, and thought, oh, that is what I sent, and so is that one, well, I guess I shouldnt have mailed to her...but then when all of them matched, I thought...this has to be me..HA HA

    I would like to thank Linda (Ibartoo) for the hosta seeds and for looking for something to send to me, thank you soo much !!

    I would also like to thank Wendy (Sassy) for sending me Poppy danebrog laced, drama queen, and red fringed feathered Poppy.

    Thanks so much for including me in the swap, this has been a lot of fun ! I only sent to 4 people, but I hope it brightened your spring !

  • sunnyk
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Fran , that might have been from me. I sent out 4 or 5 envy's about 2 weeks ago, and only 1 so far has made it to it's new I am hoping that the one you lost was one of mine LOL!!

  • grolikecrazy
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Thanks Wendy (sassybutterfly)for the moon and stars watermelon seeds and the princess pine seeds. I love these little surprises, I didn't think that I would! But I'm beginning to get the hang of it, and it feels so good, it never fail to amaze me how people who's never seen me would be so caring as to send me gifts over and over again, from different swaps, you people are the best!
    Mine are all packed now I just need to send them a few at a time...Chris

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Wow, cards are pouring in.....

    I'm still holding at two but I'm thrilled with what I got in them.

    I'm not sure that all my cards made it to their homes, I do hope so.

    Happy mailboxing all!


  • greenthumbgrow
    Original Author
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    From Robert? - I recieved an bubbly envie with a copper garden hanging ornament. I lOVE it. Thanks so much.

  • dan_the_mailman
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I received a bubbly envie from Robert too, and it had a copper hanging ornament in it. Thanks Robert! I've got it hanging outside already! I bought two just like it this past weekend, and now they're all outside, making the sunshine bounce around neighborhood!

  • ncgardengirl
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Donna, it was you. I remember now! When I saw it I thought Ahhh, she thought of me! Thanks, I can't for the life of me remember what it was but thank you!
    I will find that evelope as soon as I fix nooks to stick the rest of everything else somewhere! I did put it with my swap stuff I know that, but I haven't unpacked that stuff yet because NOW I have to find room for other things then I can play again!

    Thanks again to everyone who sent to me!

    :) Fran

  • yotetrapper
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I'm sorry my envelope got hurt Riley. Did you recieve other envelopes as well, I didnt notice you post anymore. If you didnt let me know, as I wouldnt want anyone in this swap to not get anything!!

    Thanks to everyone who sent to me. I'm sorry, this week has been crazy, and I did not keep records of who sent me what.

    A few of the things I recieved were:
    sweet peas
    easter egg plant
    and lots of daylillies.

    Thanks so much everyone!

  • appaloosa909
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I received 2 envelopes yesterday!!

    Thanks to Wendy/ sassybutterfly_2008 for the Nasturtiums and cukes!
    Thanks to Linda/ ibartoo for the peas!! (I LOVE peas!)

    Thank you so much!

  • greenthumbgrow
    Original Author
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I am so glad everyone is getting so many things they enjoy it really makes me happy to know. I hope all my cards reached their homes I haven't seen anyone else posting they recieved them and the should have def. been there by now.

    I am pretty sure one of those you got yotetrapper would have been mine. Glad you enjoyed.


  • ncgardengirl
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Tammy I posted I received from you you must have missed it.

    I received today from grandingmom2-Nichol:
    Ferry Morse
    Spreading Petunia`Tidal Wave Silver!!! THANK YOU NICHOL! You shouldn't have BUT SO GLAD YOU, thanks so much these will be AWESOME!!! I have a hill to let them run down too, they will look tres chic!

    : ) Fran

  • riley17
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Yotetrapper, its fine, dont worry! I'm glad you thought of me, so I wanted to make sure I thanked you for the thought anyway. Its been happening a lot with my postal service, we got a new lady and she doesnt come until almost 5 oclock now and everything lately has been all smashed. One of my bills came the other day and it was completely ripped open and all over. : ( It was kind of everyone who sent to me to share their seeds with me. I have been lurking around, I got a few things from this swap so I'm all set for spring! I planted too many seeds in my greenhouse already, I dont know what I'm going to do with them all until I can set them out! Guess I'll have to buy some bigger pots! Also, I have a question: Some of the people I want to send to I dont have their last names. Will the post office take it if the persons first name is on there only? That's why I am so late getting mine out because I wasn't sure if they would take them or not and I haven't gotten tot he post office lately to ask.

  • dan_the_mailman
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    The post office will still deliver them as long as you write out the address legibly. Sometimes we get letters with no name, or to "Grandma", and then we rely on the address to get it to the correct Grandma. So, go ahead and send those envies to the people with only one name, they'll get there. LOL!

    Dan, your gardening mailman

  • riley17
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    thanks Dan!! I'll get them right out!

  • dan_the_mailman
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    You're Welcome, Riley! ((GRIN))

  • zabecc
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    today i received: borage, cinnamon basil & impatiens balsamina from grolikecrazy. THANK YOU!!!!!

  • greenthumbgrow
    Original Author
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    OH My I am still getting surprised. I just recieved

    Astilbe - Vision in Pink
    Astilbe - Vision in Red
    Pineapple tomitillo
    Lemon Cucumbers

    From grolikecrazy!

    Thanks christine!

    Tammy :-)

  • flwrs4ever
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I just recieved from grolikecrazy too, and I was soo surprised !!! Thanks Chris, I cant wait to get them growing...I truly was surprised !!

    Thanks again to anyone that sent to me, this sure was fun !

  • grovespirit
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I received a surprise today from Chris (grolikecrazy)! Thank you. :)

    The plain letter envelope had holes in it- looks like it was damaged in transit. There was no bubble wrap or other padding inside of it to cushion the seeds. Seeds sent to me with no bubbles almost always do get destroyed like this, because the PO runs mail through some hard metal rollers unless it's in a bubble mailer marked FRAGILE in big red letters. :(

    The Dianthus barbatus seeds were about 75% destroyed and the Red Noodle Yard Long Bean seeds were completely dust.

    Thank you grolikecrazy, for kindly sending to me. I can still sow the few Dianthus seeds that made it, and hopefully get some plants! Excited about that. :)

    I'm sorry this happened, Chris. You were so kind to send seeds to me.

    I'm very glad you were thinking of me, and some of the Dianthus seeds do appear to be usable. It made my day to receive this, even if it is just a few seeds. : )


    Wondering why the surprises I mailed out haven't shown up here yet. I do hope they didn't get lost in the mail.

  • poisondartfrog
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Chris/grolikecrazy truly surprised me today! Thanks so much for the Thai eggplant and especially for the Papaver giganteum. I really was not expecting it which made it extra special!

  • riley17
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I recieved two envies yesterday! The stuff got mixed up when I dumped them out, so I'm not sure whats is from who. Here goes:
    grolikecrazy I think sent me Utah celery, fennel, parsely, and sesame : ) Thanks!
    The other one I think says its from C. (forgive me if I get this wrong) : ) Wehb? C. Wehb from Utah if that helps. They kindly sent me some minarette lupine, flying saucers morning glory, cypress vine, oregano, and parsely : ) Thanks!

  • ibartoo
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I got another surprise yesterday from grolikecrazy.
    Thank you so much Chris. I have the duranta soaking now and I will be starting the comeflowers and others over the weekend.

  • sunnyk
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I recieved from Chris today as well...I love all my Achillea and Astilbe, and the Artichokes are the cats are going to love the Kitty Grass you sent, I already potted it up!!

    Thank You so Much :)!!!

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Mornin all!

    I just wanted to stop in and Thank Dan, susantexoma and Kristlingren for my cards again.

    I got some great seeds to try out this year. This was fun, I hope we can do it again next year!


  • appaloosa909
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Thanks to Chris/grolikecrazy for the spinach and cukes!
    Thanks to Dee/Faintheart for the Nasturtiums (3 kinds) and the susie vine seeds!

    This was so much fun.