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Anyone else annoyed with their drip system/sprinklers?

20 years ago

We moved into a new home 3 years ago and I was excited to have my sprinklers and drip irrigation put on a timer. But it has been one problem after another. The drippers clog or one blows off the line causing the rest of the drippers not to get water supply. I was constantly checking them. Now the timer seems to be working but the water doesn't come on automatically. Before this I had a faucet timer connected to an impulse sprinkler. I had a small yard and it worked great for me for 5 years! It seems when I really need it to work (when I am out of town) it is always malfunctioning.

To top it all off I just attended the NM State Master Gardeners Conference in Albq. I attended a wonderful lecture on Permaculture where the lady said she only waters with a sprinkler and only needs to do it about 7 times a year (she lives in Los Alamos)

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