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Burrr Cold, how do I keep my plants warm?

18 years ago

I have put up a small greenhouse for my topical plants.

It is used 2x4's to frame it, and put plastic around the whole thing.

I stapled the plastic, put up tarps on all sides exposed because of the winds. So that I can tie them down when we get our very high winds.

I built the roof on a slant so that the water would run off and put it next to the deck for added strength. I thought I had everything covered........ Now we are gettting freezing weather!! I have thought of everything but this.

Now we are having weather that New Yorkers get. Freezing!!!

How do I keep the plants warm? I can't use fire of any kind because of the space.

How about one of those lights that "guy" use outside in the dark? the kind that has a handle on them?? (don't know the name of them)

Do you think this will keep it warm enough to keep the space warm enough?

Or is there something I can get that will warm this space 8 x 10?


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