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Ok, What Animal Eats My Plants?

17 years ago


I am trying to figure out who is eating 1/3 of what I plant and how to deter it? Possibilities (animals I have seen) are rabbit, squirrel, marmot (we have a cute marmot I think-hope he's still here), birds, prarie dog/gopher (I guess that's where I would put my money). Whoever it is seems to like the succulents, sun chokes and especially sweet potato vine from my strawberry pot. I just started getting back into gardening, and feeding this trouble-maker is putting a dent in my wallet.

ALSO! What xeriscape type plants are not so tasty for furry mammels? I want to plant a butterfly bush which I have a feeling they won't want to eat and I do want to attract birds, butterflies, bees, lady bugs, praying mantis, etc... They have yet left my lavender alone and it is doing well. I want to plant a lot of thyme at some point and an agave...Well, the list goes on. Any suggestions? BTW I am in Sandia Park (rocky mountains east of Albuquerque, about 7,000 feet).



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