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NEW: Extra, Extra, Seads all about it - Before Spring Swap

14 years ago

Extra, Extra, Seads all about it - Before Spring Seed Swap.

New seed swap for March. Do you have a lot of duplicate seeds or extra ones you know your not going to use. ME TOO! I thought we could get some variation on the seeds before time to start the March Madness Planting Season.

All seeds must be clearly marked and packed correctly.

All seed packages should contain at least 10 seeds, or 1/8 teaspoon for tiny seeds. Except for speciality seeds which could be 2-3 seeds depending on what it is.

You will receive at least the amount of packages you send in, most likely more ;-)

Please give me your top 5 wants and I will do my best to get you some from your want list. Please remember you may not recieve your wants if noone sent them in. Please specify Veggies, Herbs, or Flowers.

Please use a large bubble mailer if possible. You must also send a return address label filled out as well as proper postage for the seeds being returned to you.

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SEND ENOUGH RETURN POSTAGE, you may want to send an extra stamp or two in case the weight of the seeds being sent to you is more than the weight of the ones you sent in. If the stamps are not used they will be sent back in the bubbly with the seeds.

There is no limit to the amount of seeds you send in. However Please do not send in more than 5 packets of one certain seed.

SEEDS DUE: March 12th


Please post here if interested and I will email you my mailing address.

Lets get Swappin!

Tammy / Greenthumbgrow

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