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update: acres edible swap and acres tomato pepper swap update

13 years ago

Acres edible swap received mailers

1, Jshipway 50 pks

2, Farmergirl2009 50 pks

3, Yorktownpatty 24 pks

4, Haymay 50 pks

5 flowergirl34 20 pks

6 Jessew2 14 pks

7 beautifulDahlias 14 pks

8 Shmooey 21 pks

9 Wren1 44 pks

10 Slo- garden 50 pks

11 Sorellina 40 pks

12 margeZ 48 pks

13 Jillybean (Local) 35 pks

14 Bpmjr79 35 pks

15 Ray_151 30 pks

16 Jackie from Tn. 14 pks (still curious who you are.. Lol)

17 one daylily 17 pks

18 Jodie74 20 pks

19 Drippy 31 pks

20 p-piper 16 pks

21 Tracy77 8 pks

22 Clay lady 40 pks

23 Sassybutterfly 50 pks

24 Bustani- mama 28 pk

25 Trini1 13 pks

26 Lisa831 31 pks

27 skyblu52 50 pks

28 RaneGrow 50 pks

Tomato pepper swap received

1 SandysGarden 50 pks

2 kygregg 50 pks

3 Naturegirl 50 pks

4 Sorellina 40 pks

5 Romy6 21 pks

6 booberry 48 pks

7 Carsonmimi 39 pks

8 dirtDiggin 42 pks

9 Lisa831 32 pks

10 SassyButterfly 47 pks

11 RuthZ 18 pks

12 GardenCochin 30 pks

13 Patty1957 50 pks

14 Clay lady 40 pks


All the mailers above for both swaps have been shipped out posted today 2-10.

42 mailers involved

Over 2100 seed packs

Does any one need green zebra tomatoes or standard pumpkin? lol

How about some Dill or cilantro ? Haha

LIFE pretty much got in the way of this swap and some times it just happens. And some times you just have to realize they are just seeds. I at times get frantic about doing these swaps making everyone happy and you just cant. You just sort the seeds and do your best that you can do. I am only human and I make errors. If you got something back that was yours or if you did not get back what you wanted. Just remember I�m human and I am more than welcome to do direct trades. You all did a great job packaging seeds and I am truly amazed at some of the handmade seed packs tooo cute.

For further references here are a few things for the new traders to remember.

Bubble mailers!!

Its hard to cram seeds into tiny ittty bitty mailers.

I thank everyone who participated in both my swaps this year. If you have any question I will be more than happy to help you.

Hubby is taking me to the coast from the 12th till the 17th so please if you have questions email me dirrectly so I can answer on my phone.


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