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Viable sea buckthorn seeds from super market freezed beries?

17 years ago

Hi all,

I am new to this forum.

I live in Israel and bought freezed sea buchthorn beries in the super market. I've realy like the fruit and I would like to add it to my garden. I know that seeds is not the most recomended type of reproduction for this type of plant but that is the only source I have (no sea buchthorn are grown in Israel as far as I know and the beries are imported).

Stratification requires atleast 60 days in moist sand at 5C. I know that dried seeds can be frozen with no ill efects but in this case I am trying to grow from seed which were frozen inside the beries while still raw and ice crystals could have formed inside killing the seeds.

Could the seeds still be viable in this case or am I just wasting my time? Also please sugest if anyone have experience with growing from seeds obtain from frozen produce or is this a totaly whack idea.


The plant is most likely not a hybrid and should be able to produce viable seeds(I hope). The beries were imported from Russia (which is not known for wide hybrid seed usage) and the plant required atleast 4 years to reach a fruit bearing stage.

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