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Southeastern Citrus Expo Invite

17 years ago

Greetings from Virginia Beach! Here are the details about the upcoming 2006 Southeast Citrus Expo. It should be a great time and all those in the surrounding areas are encouraged to attend.


The Southeast Citrus Exposition is now into its fourth year. Its purpose is to encourage citrus growing outside the commercial citrus belt for both the home gardener and the serious enthusiast. This years Expo will feature expert speakers who will provide information on growing cold-hardy citrus in the Southeast United States. Topics that will be discussed will be: in ground or container culture, advice on choosing citrus, cold protection, grafting and selection of root stock, as well as other topics. The Expo will include a citrus fruit contest, plant sale, and tours of citrus trees growing in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

When: Saturday November 18th 2006 from 10:00AM to 4:30PM

(entries of fruit for the contest must be received between 9:00AM and 10:00AM


Where: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Virginia Beach, VA.

717 General Booth Blvd.

Virginia Beach, VA. 23451

(757) 425-FISH

Directions: From I-95 North 11 miles above the VA./NC. State Line take RT# 58 East to Norfolk/Virginia Beach. Stay on RT#58 until Bowers Hill

Intersection. At Bowers Hill, bear right onto I-64 East. Take a right on to I-264 East, stay on I-264 until Atlantic Ave at the Virginia Beach Ocean Front. Take a right on Atlantic Ave, go over the Rudee Inlet Bridge, continue approximately ¾ miles and you will see the Virginia

Aquarium on the right.

2006 Expo Agenda

7:30 Â 9:00AM Early Bird Plant Sale at Pungo Palms Nursery

Plant Sale promptly ends at 9:00AM

( Note: Vendors can setup at 7:00AM)

9:00 Â 10:00AM Registration and Admission

( Make sure you participate in the drawing for afternoon tour groups A or B)

Admission to the Citrus Expo will be FREE for those attending. Admission to the Aquarium will be at a reduced group rate.

Raffle tickets for the Expo plant giveaway will be available before the lectures and during the display of the fruit in the competition. Tickets will be $1.00 and will benefit the Citrus Expo. Plants for Raffle will be donated by the Expo coordinators & vendors. These will include: cold-hardy citrus, cold-hardy palms, and other rare plants.

10:00 Â 1045AM Presentation by Bob Koch, "Citrus Grown in Containers", Located in the

March Pavilion Auditorium.

11:00 Â 11:45AM Presentation by Stan McKenzie and Ned Rahn, " In Ground Citrus Culture",

Located in the Marsh Pavilion Auditorium.

12:00 Â 1:00PM Fruit Competition Awards, Fruit Display, and Raffle in the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean PavilionÂs Promenade Room

Note: all fruit entered in the competition will be on display

1:15 Â 2:15PM (Lunch on your own) a list and location of restaurants within three miles

Of the Aquarium will be provided.

Expo Afternoon Tours and Plant Sale

For afternoon tours, all participants will be gathered into two groups.

Group A

Group B

2:20 Â 3:15PM Group A Will tour Robert MotycaÂs Citrus located in his back yard

Robert will give a talk on approach grafting.

3:15 Â 4:00PM Group B Will tour Robert MotycaÂs Citrus located in his back yard

Robert will give a talk on approach grafting.

3:40 Â 4:30PM+?? "ALL" End of the day plant sale at Pungo Palms Nursery and tour

Of in ground citrus

The Southeast Citrus Expo is sponsored by:

*GaryÂs Nursery, New Bern, North Carolina

Wholesale and retail grower of cold hardy palms, Bananas, citrus, and other plants in eastern North Carolina since 1975. Gary will have plants available for purchase at the

Plant sale. Visit GaryÂs Nursery online at

*McKenzie Farms Nursery, Scranton, South Carolina

Stan "The Citrusman" McKenzie sells many varieties of cold hardy citrus trees, palms, traditional fruit trees, vegetables and other plants. Stan will bring citrus for the plant sale.

Visit McKenzie Farms online at or email at

*RahnÂs Plant Connection, Port Royal, South Carolina

Ned and Faye Rahn sell a large variety of citrus trees and other rare plants and flowers not found at garden centers. They will bring plants for the plant sale. Email Ned and Faye at

*Virginia Greenhouse Association, Hampton Roads Chapter

Members are greenhouse owners, who love plants and want to share their knowledge

and experiences with other plant lovers.

*The Southeastern Palm Society

The Southeast Palm Society is a chapter of the International Palm Society, Members are devoted to growing hardy palms and other extraordinary plants, including hardy citrus.

Visit the Southeastern Palm Society online at

*Southern Fruit Fellowship

The Southern Fruit Fellowship is an informal organization of amateur fruit growing enthusiasts throughout the Southern United States. Membership is open to all interested parties. The fellowship has a quarterly newsletter and has meetings at different locations

In the Southeast. Membership and dues: contact Retta Davis (318)686-4249 or email:

*Flying Dragon Citrus Nursery, Jacksonville, FL.

Flying Dragon Citrus Nursery specializes in many varieties of citrus which are grafted on Flying Dragon rootstock. Any questions or requests, call: (904)880-5026 or email:

*The Artist in the Garden, Virginia Beach, VA.

Scott Dilatash is the artist in the garden. He is the purveyor of unusual custom landscapes

In the Southeast Virginia and Northeast North Carolina area. Call (757) 696-7263

*The Virginia Beach Master Gardeners, Virginia Beach, VA.

A fellowship of Certified Master Gardeners in the City of Virginia Beach, sponsored by the Virginia Polytechnic Extension Service.

*Pungo Palms Nursery, Virginia Beach, VA.

Growers of rare and unusual cold hardy palms, desert plants, citrus, bananas, and other sub tropical plants. The nursery is located in the Back Bay area of Virginia Beach , both Ralph and Kathy Denton will participate in the Expo plant sale. Contact us at: Pungo\ or call: (757) 426-3677.

The Forth Southeastern Citrus Exposition

Fruit Competition Rules and Procedures

Fruit Preparation

All fruit entered must be grown by the entrant, either in a container or in the ground.

Before submission, fruit should be washed and prepared for eating. Remove any

pesticide residue. Judges may have to taste fruit in case of a tie.

A minimum of three fruit of a specific cultivar must be donated per entry: for example, three Satsuma fruit are required to qualify as one entry. One of the fruit must be cut in half "against the grain (as you would cut a grapefruit) to show the inside of the fruit. (See the illustration above for an example.) Fruit can be returned at the request of the entrant.

Fruit must contain at least ½" of stem attached. One fruit should have at least leaf attached to the stem.

Check the category sheet to determine proper entry.

At the Expo

Entries must be submitted between 9:00AM and 10:00 AM. After 10:00AM

entries will not be accepted.

At registration, you will be given an entry number to ensure anonymity. Make sure that you keep this number with you until the award ceremony.

An entry card must be filled out for each entry. Be sure that you put your entry

number on each card.

Viewing of the fruit will take place from 12:00 to 1:00PM

Blue, red, and white ribbons will be awarded for each category. In addition, there will be a "Best in Show, "Honorable Mention", and "Most Unusual" award.

Citrus Categories for the Contest

There will be a grown-in-ground category and a container-grown category.

Any cultivar not listed here will be assigned to a category by the judging coordinator.

Sweet Orange


Cara Cara



Parson Brown


Sour Orange

Abers Narrowleaf


Bigaradier Apepu

Boquet des Fleurs


Citrus neoaurantium

Gou Tou

Nansho Daidai ( Citrus Tiawanica)



Smooth Flat Seville


Zhu Luan




Clem-Yuz 2-2

Clem-Yuz 3-3




Minneola Tangelo


Orlando Tangelo




Kumquat & Hybrids

Chang Shou


Hong Kong


Limequat ( Eustis, Lakeland, Tavares)




Nippon Orangequat



















Pink Marsh

Ruby Red


Ichangensis Hybrids

Ichang Papeda

Ichang Lemon





Trifoliate Orange


Flying Dragon


Trifoliate Hybrids

Citrange (Morton, Troyer, Carizzo, Benton, Rusk, and etc.)

Citrumello (Dunstan, Swingle, Changsha x English Large, USDA 80-5, and etc.


Citrandarin (CiClem#10, Citsuma, and etc.

Dragon Lime

Complex Hybrids

Citrangequat ( Thomasville, Sinton, etc.)

Glen Citrangedin



US 119

2006 Citrus Exposition organizers and contacts: Ralph or Kathy Denton, Phone (757) 426-3677 e-mail at:

G. Ventura: e-mail


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