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Seed Swap for Newbies

18 years ago

Welcome to my Newbie Swap. I'd like to host a swap here for nice easy seeds to help newbies get started into the fun ( and addictive) hobby of seed swaping and collecting. This is the swap for all those marigolds, zinnias, Alaska daisies, sunflowers, balsam, four o'clocks etc.

The minimum number of seed packs is five and the max is 20. commercial packs are OK but not the 10 for $1.00 type. Sorry but I gotta draw a line somewhere. Those are actually fine seeds for beginners but are too easily available to justify swapping by mail.

Be sure to put your GW name on each pack of seeds so you do not get your own seeds back. Also put as much info as possible with the seeds, plant name, description, shade or sun, height etc. If you are packing your own seeds refer to the FAQ section on seed swaps to see what is a "standard" amount for a trade.

Send seeds in a bubble envelope along with a return address sticker and sufficient postage to return your seeds and any bonus packs there may be.

Deadline for mailing to me will be March 10th. I will sort and return seeds MAR 18 and 19

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