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Bougainvillea on a Wire Trellis?

15 years ago

I bought a bougainvillea recently w/o fully knowing about the plant. Now, I'd like to set it up outside growing on a wire trellis and have it grow into a "natural" fence-line for about 8-12 feet across.

First, is a wire trellis (wire stretched across a few wooden posts) strong enough for a bougainvillea's weight as it grows?

Second, I live in Northwest Florida and we do get some frosts/and rare freezes here in the winter. Is it not a good idea to plant the bougainvillea in the ground? Would it survive the winter? It might be difficult to try to cover it during a frost/freeze if it spreads well on the trellis.

Lastly, if it's best to not grow a bougainvillea on a trellis outdoors, what would be the best thing as a potted plant? It's already getting a lot of woody vines at the base. If I pruned it back really strong, would it grow more like a shrub?

Thanks for any information!

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