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NEW: Spring Seed Swap

17 years ago

I would like to host a Spring Seed Swap

Deadline for joining will be Feb 25th. Seeds must be sent in by March 7th.

The details:

Eack pack of seeds should have at least a dozen seeds in it.

You will get back as many packs as you send in. If we have generous swappers and bonus seeds are sent in the You'll get more packs sent back to you.

If you have a want list then please include it and I will try to fill as many wants as possible.

Send as many packs as you want and if you have extras I will divide up the packs and make extras to share with everyone.

If you are sending bonus packs just to share then please mark them as bonus packs so I'll know.

Please include a return address label and sufficient postage for sending these back.

If this sounds like something you might like to join in on please sign up and I'll email you with the mailing information.

Thanks Kelly

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