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Bulbs planted this spring, How long to bloom?

12 years ago

Hi fellow southern gardeners! I have a question about bulbs. I've never planted any before this spring, but in March I put out the following:

Gloriosa rothchildiana- currently starting to come up

Canna picasso- a couple of the ones I've planted are coming up

Canna pretoria- a couple are coming up

Lucifer crocosmia- none are coming up that I can see

Dahlia Aloha- no evidence of this

Canna Red King Humbert- no sign of these

Lily Double Fata Morgana- already blooming

So, I made the rookie mistake of not marking where I planted the bulbs and am now scrambling to find their locations. These are all planted in a row, down a fenceline with full afternoon sun. I know sometimes bulbs just aren't any good and might not come up at all. I'm struggling to understand why bulbs from the same pack are coming up in some areas and not at all in others. Could it be because the grade is a bit sloped? It does seem like they're coming up better in the flatter areas that hold water. Is it possible some of them might not appear the first year?


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