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Bermuda Grass thin in front yard but not in back yard

12 years ago

I live in Hernando, MS (zone 7). My yard is about 3 acres with bermuda grass covering 60% to 70% of that area. All of the bermuda was put down as sod about 7 years ago when the house was built. I have owned the home for about 4 years. The grass was in average (at best) condition when I purchased the home. I had a contract with Scott's up until last year. Scott's improved the condition of the yard slightly, but never could get the yard into the condition I desired.

Since I took over the maintenance of the lawn I put down Scott's pre-emergent in the fall, but as has been the case as long as I've lived here, I had tons of weeds come up in the spring. I applied some Gordan's 2,4-D liquid herbicide I got from Tractor Supply this spring as well as some 34-0-0 liquid fertilizer after the grass greened up. The weeds are some-what under control, but I still have quite a bit that continue to pop up - especially in my front yard.

My main issue is that my backyard is always greener, thicker and has less weeds than my front yard. Both get sun nearly all day long, however the grass in the front yard is thin and grows at about half the rate of the backyard. I could probably go two weeks without mowing the front yard, but the backyard needs mowing every 5 to 7 days. Neither the front or backyard have trees that provide that much shade, so it is not related to lack of sunlight. I water at least once a week and if anything, the front yard gets watered more regularly than the backyard.

Any ideas on what could be the issue?

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