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Everyone has a least favorite gardening activity....what's yours?

13 years ago

Well, even the greatest hobbies (gardening and cooking are my favorites) have portions that are still much less fun than the others. I'm hoping that we can get a thread of helpful hints for folks with those mundane details that can be so tedious at times.

So, what is everyone's least favorite activity/activities associated with gardening?

And, what advice can folks give regarding those activities?

My personal least favorite activities are just starting right now: waiting for seeds to germinate.

I hate the worry that I did something wrong with them as they are germinating before they sprout! Is the mix too wet, too dry? Is the temperature too hot, too cold? Did I plant them too deep, too shallow?

The hardest part for me is with plants that take the longest to germinate: parsley, peppers, etc. The ones that pop up in a few days aren't so bad. Coles, lettuces, etc.

Any help with the neurosis? Or anyone need help with other "chores" associated with gardening?

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