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California rose growers: climbing rose on this arbor?

15 years ago

Hi all,

I had reserved this arbor for annual vines like morning glories and moonflowers, but... well, a ROSE could go there! The arbor is anchored by a wooden barrel on each side filled with ivy geraniums and there is a St. Pat's on the north east side and a Double Delight on the northwest. I was smitten by hot colors last year so there are few blues or purples in the garden, making it look at little too... well, hot. The irises you see are apricot-orange or red and white.

I have been fantasizing about an Eden Rose on this arbor. Is this a good choice? If I planted a Zephrine Drouhin (sp?) on the other side and let them grow together, would the slower grower simply be vanquished? There is already a clematis "Bees Knees" or is it "Bees Jubilee" which was supposed to be pink and white and is really lavendar on the arbor(it escaped my purging of purples last fall, thank goodness).

Would a climbing rose here create too much shade for all of these sun-lovers?

Here's one side of the arbor:

Here's the other:

I'll cross-post without the photos on the rose forum.

Thank you!


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