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DANGER: Linseed Oil - Spontaneous Combustion

13 years ago

We just experienced one of the strange and horror event in our kitchen. Here is what happened. After staining wood with linseed oil I cleaned the tray and paint brush with tissue paper and through that into kitchen trash bin (I think its around 6pm). At 8pm, we started smelling something burning, DW and I rushed to kitchen to see oven or toaster, stove top... but everything seems to fine,then we saw smoke coming from trash bin, I quickly grabbed kitchen fire extinguisher and opened the trash bin. Its the tissue paper we used to clean was burning. I never knew or heard before anywhere that Linseed Oil will generate spontaneous combustion reaction.

I just thought to share the news with you all as I know some of you are also building raised beds. I searched online while writing this post, please "click here to read facts."


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