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UPDATE: sue's birthday club robin feb ? sunny surprise

18 years ago

Well FEB IS Here & we Have a New birthday GAl



Very easy for me to remeber for my uncle bill 's

birthday was the 8th :))) he would have been 90.

Anyone Needing Tammy's Info Please email me .

TAmmy I just sent your box out today I know it is early

but never knows what next week brings weather wise.

very nice right now . :))

spring like weather .

Well I hope this month briengs you lots of memories

& the love of friendship .


Comments (35)

  • earthlydelights
    18 years ago

    tammy, maybe you can post a little here, refresh all of our memories, if you don't mind. (hope no one minds me asking collectively).

    wow, we have tammy and pooch and that's it. this has been a fantastic swap sue. i know i certainly enjoyed not only my month, but each and every month.

    it's been fun, wouldn't you say girls?

    be well,

  • skohler
    Original Author
    18 years ago

    it has been fun & I would love to go on but there are a few who cannot . so after poochella I guess it is the end :(( but it was fun .

    Tammy just tell the players your likes & or dislikes .
    but they can email me or you for your address ok ??


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    hi gals had to let you all know i recieved a very nice box from shelbyraymom today by ups :))) inside I found a very nice tropical canna plant, A mini rose :)) to add to my collection , an unknown grass but I will find out from my gardening buddie yung mi , also was purple fountain grass , a wondering jew plant, anyone tell me do I bring that one in also for the winter in z 5 ?? best of all some bamboo I can't think of the name right now but I know you all know the type I mean love have wanted to get it just put it off thanks a bunch :)) tammy Tammy also sent a welcome windchime have it hanging on my back porch a hand towel with sunflowers on it so cute , a nice pack of jobes fertilizer spikes for my plants , and then she topped off the box with 10dutch Irise bulbs, 6 anemons , & 6 freesias , tammy you did a wounderfull job sending the plants all arrived is very good shape it is cool today so going out to get them planted before the rain :))) what a great bunch of galls thank you all . sue
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  • Poochella
    18 years ago

    One of the best groups I've been in, for sure.

    I would like to know about your horses and dogs, Tammy. And I'm totally jealous if you still have cows!
    Having set a record for wettest January on record here, and you the most consecutive rainless days in Phoenix, how about I send you some water? I'd be happy to share...

    Happy upcoming birthday! I know my package will be later than your official b-day, but that will stretch out the month of surprises for you : )

  • skohler
    Original Author
    18 years ago

    Hi Tammy
    just wanted to let you know that your birthday box is at your local post office they might try to deliver it on monday :))) I hope you have a very special week .
    happy birthday Girl
    hugs susie

  • hummingbirddaisy
    18 years ago

    Has anyone heard from Tammy in awhile?


  • SunnySurprise
    18 years ago

    I'm here I'm here. Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes, I posted something yesterday but it didn't post. Darn it.

    I took Monday off & when I got to work on Tuesday there were 2 boxes on my desk. 1 from Sue & 1 from Creekmom.

    I will have to post later in the week on my great surprises, I can only post from work & I am out of here for the day..

    Thanks you wonderful ladies!!

  • earthlydelights
    18 years ago


    when you post your boxes, can you shed some light on your likes, wants and needs to bring us up to date? is your trade list up-to-date? and happy birthday :)


  • skohler
    Original Author
    18 years ago

    Tammy Please give the gals a little more info of your likes & dislikes ok .
    hope you had a very nice day out on your birthday :))
    bet your enjoying the sunshine right :))

    happy gardening

  • PlantladyJan
    18 years ago

    Keep your eyes open as a package has been sent your way!!
    I hope you enjoy your goodies and Birthday month.

  • earthlydelights
    18 years ago

    tammy, i would really like to hear from you as requested above. i'd like to get my box in the mail to you, but would like a little more info.
    also, i am sure sue and creekmom would like everyone to hear about the boxes they sent. i know we are all busy, but a minute or two of your time would be great.


  • SunnySurprise
    18 years ago

    So sorry, I haven't updated. Internet at home has blown up, we are trying in vain to get the DSL up & running. So I can only post from work.
    On top of that my MIL & FIL are here visiting for 2 months. (Living in an RV 10 feet outside my back door, oy) DH has the weekend filled up. It has been in the 80's for the last 3 weeks, so we have been outside most of the time.

    The lists of what was sent from Sue & Creekmom are at home. I had hoped that DH would get the DSL running this weekend so I could post. I will remember to bring them to work tomorrow.

    This is the page that I filled out when we started the robin.

    I like most anything, shade plants are good, tropicals, veggies (tomatoes,corn, etc).....

    Right now, I am into Brugs, Cannas, Plumeria, Elephant ear, bamboo, ferns, house plants & tomatoes.

    Arizona is HOT HOT HOT, so plants are treated somewhat different here. LOL

    Favorite color is purple. Always open for surprises.

    HOBBIES : I have 3 kids (12,9 & 6)on 5 acres of
    land in Surprise Arizona. We have 4 large dogs, horse & cows.

    I likebaseball, football, camping and of course gardening.

    My favorite day is sowing, weeding, watering in the garden
    with my 6 year old daughter! I collect teddy bears & love to cook.

  • earthlydelights
    18 years ago

    good to hear from you tammy, thanks for the information. i'll be putting the final touches on your box this week and getting it out, hopefully, by the weekend.

    be well everyone and happy valentine's day!


  • SunnySurprise
    18 years ago

    When I got my boxes, I took them home to have my Shelby help me open all the fun stuff. She is 6 & had been home from school for 3 days. She has severe asthma attacks & that weekend was a doozy.

    Ok, here goes.

    From Creekmom.
    A cookie dough cookbook. That the kids LOVE BTW. They have all picked out what we should make.
    A bright & sunny sunflower thermometer.
    A ceramic bear holding a baby bear. Joyce, I have 2 others that it matches with perfectly in my bathroom.
    A wood bear with movable arms. SO cute!
    A wire wall basket with leaves & a bird house on it.
    Shea butter hand therapy. YAY!
    Avon perfecting complex for the face. YAY for that too!
    Avon hostess soap set
    A very beautiful stained glass butterfly.
    Thank you sooo much Creekmom, I loved everything. You really
    added special touches with the bears!

    From Sue.
    This box was loaded!! Stuff for me, the kids & the dogs. LOL

    Mrs Fields cookie chocolates
    A pen
    Phase 10 ~ card game ~ says it is like rummy ~ can't wait to play with the kids.
    Sweetheart candies
    Mess bag w/ seahorses for the tub. Shelby grabbed that one fast.
    A cute laundry bag
    A Valentines penny charm magnet. Sue I just love this, it is so adorable.
    Pup-eroni for the dogs
    Butterfly votive holder ~ beautiful
    2 oven mitts
    2 hot pads ~ sorry can't remember the pattern, but I have used them already.
    Apple cinnamon tea
    Orange pekoe tea
    Vanilla airfreshener. this is cool, it is small beads in a bag.
    Yellow squeaky can toy for the dogs
    Breakfast blend coffee
    Grape jelly
    Valentines candy.
    How does your garden grow, printer paper
    Southern living big book of flower gardening. I just love this book. I sit & just browse through it.
    Sue ~ your box was soo sweet, thank you so much for including the kids & the dogs.
    AND you had already sent me a big box of plants, which are growing nicely right now in our hot weather. You really didn't need to send so much stuff you silly goose!

    Thank you gals for making my day special!

  • SunnySurprise
    18 years ago

    Just received another wonderful box from ALASKA!!!
    Thank you ~ Beth!!!!

    It has raw hides for the dogs (I love how you guys include the pets ~ smile)

    A beautiful basket filled with potpourri. The basket is oval, has a wooden band
    on the bottom, top & has a wooden handle. Between the 2 bands is a dainty
    mess with really small groups of purple grape clusters. Very pretty.

    A set of 3 purple floating candles ~ says Alaska wildflowers.
    A set of Alaska Bear Claw pasta & salad server. They are wooden & shaped
    like bear claws. Cute ~
    A pair of brightly colored (blue, yellow, pink, black) Alaska Moose sox. I can't
    wait to wear them.
    A post card with Wild flowers of Alaska on it. With a lovely birthday wish on the
    A really cool Alaska kitchen towel. With what else? Moose decorations.
    A whole entire bag of Herseys Carmel kisses!! Yummy!
    A Alaska wildflower coffee mug.
    A bag of North Pole Wild Alaska coffee. Gonna try this over the weekend.
    And 2 Polar Bear Smooch candies. Says 2 types of chocolate kissed by peppermint.

    Beth you did such a great job. I love all the Alaska stuff. I can't wait to get home
    and show my daughter, she will be so excited.

    Thanks bunches ~ I am smiling alot today!

    I am taking Friday & Monday off, so if any boxes arrive I won't get them until next Tuesday. Don't think I have forgotten you!

  • beth_b_kodiak
    18 years ago

    TAmmy, so glad you enjoyed your package and hope you enjoy the long weekend too. There is nothing gardenish available here yet so I hoped you would like the Alaska stuff. He he he, I was tickled by those socks. Thought if they were too wild for you that daughter might like them. How old is she?? BB

  • Poochella
    18 years ago

    Tammy a box is on its way to sunny AZ from here. Happy Birthday month!

  • SunnySurprise
    18 years ago

    Hey Gals!!

    Beth, Shelby is 6. But the socks are mine!! LOL I love them. We had the coffee on Sunday. DH said he really liked it. I see Alaska all around my house now. I had to giggle when DH was using my new Alaska flower coffee cup on Monday.

    Poochella, I will be on the look out for your box. Thank you dear.

    Jan, I got your box yesterday. The bottom was split open so I hope everything is here. It looks pretty packed tight so I think it arrived ok.


    A really cute lady bug wall hanging made out of felt.
    Miracle Gro plant spikes.. YAY!
    A wonderful smelling candle.. much bigger than a votive. But, I can't place the smell. Do you know what it is Jan? It smells wonderful.
    A really cool kaki (sp?) hat! I will love this come summer time. 115 degrees..
    A lovely card.
    zinnia & Cosmo seeds.
    AND I save the best for last.

    The most adorable purple w/ purple & white flowers on it round box. AND tucked inside is ttthhheeee CUTEST mini teddy bear. She is fluffy & bronze & wearing a purple bow around her neck. And a big old (well little old for her size) felt violet hat with darker puprle rose flowers on the brim. She is sooooo cute!!

    Jan, thank you, thank you! Your gifts are wonderful!

    I just love you gals!

    Tammy ~ smiling, smiling, once again.

  • skohler
    Original Author
    18 years ago

    wow tammy
    sounds like your getting some great birthday
    prizes :)) & haven a great month :))
    just wanted to know that it maybe awhile before you get your box from doris for she has been away from her computor for awhile but when she gets to feeling better
    I know you will hear from her :))

    have a great month


  • PlantladyJan
    18 years ago

    I am so glad that your package arrived! So sorry to hear that the box had split! Yikes it sounds like everything was still in the box..thankful for that!!
    I am glad you enjoyed your box of goodies!! When I spotted the bear I thought ok that is you! Isn't it just so adorable?
    Looks like you have been having a fun filled birthday month! Tammy enjoy the rest of your month! Thanks for being part of this robin. Hard to believe only one month to go and that will be a year!!
    Yep watch out Pooch your time is a coming!!

  • SunnySurprise
    18 years ago

    I received another wonderful box on Friday. It was from Poochella.

    A bag of Peanut Butter & Molasses dog treats. Pooch, that is a funny story. Seems her Mr. Pochella opened the box to give some treats to their dog. LOL Men!! The dogs LOVE them BTW!

    2 fly catchers for the horses. How funny, these are the kind that we actually use all summer! Thank you.

    An adorable gift bag filled with stuff. The bag has a beautiful silk sunflower on it.

    Happy birthday mints.

    A box of malted milk balls. (I just love the malt flavor, it reminds me of the milk shakes my grandma used to make us. Brings back great memories. Grandma passed away last April at the begining of this robin. I was such a mess!) I kept the box at my desk at work. I decided I would have 1 or 2 a day to help me remember grandma. Funny how such silly things can bring on a smile ~

    4! I said 4 delicious See's Milk chocolate bars. The chocolate is wonderful.

    2 packages of Caffe D' Amore, vanilla dutch chocolate cappuccino. Can't wait to try those.

    A sunflower photo album complete with a picture of Poochella dog. She (I am guessing she?) is beautiful. Does she have golden retriever in her?

    A tin filled with Dirty Dog repeller soap. It smells so good. I keep telling Tahoe, he is getting a bath this weekend. I think I am scaring him. LOL.

    A really cute note pad. In the corner there are pretty fuscia flowers & a grasshopper sitting on a leave. It's small & will fit perfect in my purse.

    Seed packs of corn, Chili peppers & dwarf sweet peas. I am going to plant the sweat peas today. They are saying our weather will be around 85 all next week. I think this would be a perfect time to get them in the ground.

    A sunflower mini jar light. It smells great.

    These last 3 things are my favorite. Thank you so much.

    A really soft black teddy bear. He is wearing a tan bow tie. Adorable.

    A Recipes from the Kitchen Garden book. I flipped thru it & noticed several recipes I will have to try. I just love cook books & this one is great.

    The last item is over the top! The most beautiful wind chime that I now own.

    It is made out of blue/purple/grey agate (sp?) cut accrossed the grain to show all the pretty rings in the rock. The top one has 2 running black stallions on it. It is absolutely breath taking. Hanging off from that are 3 more pieces of the beautiful agate. They make a wonderful sound. I need to go outside & find a spot for this wonderful gift.

    Poochell, you out did your self. Your box is very special. I love everything & I thank you so much!

    Thanks for a wonderful month gals!!

    Tammy ~ going to play outdoors now.

  • Poochella
    18 years ago

    Glad you enjoyed your stuff Tammy. I felt really, really bad about the dog bones, but I bet the dogs don't care! "Men", is right. Why would I leave a box of dog biscuits in the Garden Web corner of the living room right by all the mailing boxes? Just too tough for him to figure out, I guess LOL.

    It was hard to send those Whoppers, as I am quite partial to malt myself, so I'm glad you'll enjoy them. You can still buy a jar of malt powder to make your own malts. I've enjoyed those a few times over the years (those were in the days before cholesterol and preservatives were 4 letter words.)
    You remind me to plant my own sweet peas! I always forget and wait too long. Hope you had a great birthday and thank you for posting!


    Plantlady Jan, did your email change? I tried to send you something and it bounced back. I'll send directly from here so stand by...

  • earthlydelights
    18 years ago

    hellow everyone, and tammy, forgive my lateness. i did send e-mail to sue a couple times but haven't heard back yet this weekend. tammy, i need your address.

    so someone, anyone involved in this swap, please send me tammy's address, even if it is you tammy reading this post.

    someone thought they were doing me a favor - "cleaning my computer". i'm ready to clean their clock ! so much is lost.

    thanks, and sorry that i'm late. the box has been here, it just needs an address label.


  • Poochella
    18 years ago

    I sent the address to Earthly.

  • beth_b_kodiak
    18 years ago

    WOW did I ever get a surprise from Tammy, Sunny Surprise. Tammy I confess in the mess of my moving I lost track too. I had no idea who had sent me presents and who didn't. Well, a few who I knew well from before I remembered but the rest was just a blur. So, getting a birthady package from you was not only a treat but a surprise too. I got freesia bulbs, never had those before. A beautiful shade of pale lilac Glads. I am anxious to see those with my white and yellow ones. Just love the color and I'll plant them at Easter when I'm back in MD.
    Office supplies, a note pad ( I write myself notes all the time as I have suffered from CRS for years) highlighters, black marker and some neat little heavy duty clips.
    Assorted snacks including some delightful Mexican Chocolate for Co-co. I'll try that tonight when I come back from taking pictures at the Ice Festival. I really enjoy ethnic foods and look foreward to a new treat. I'll try out the shiny silver mug too.
    Now I saved the best for last. Tammy sent a fabulous garden book. I am a major book nut anyway and this is one I really love.
    "Readers Digest Compleat Guide to Gardening Season by Season". Excellent articles and lots of pictures. So many things I'll want to try to grow and so many ideas on how to do new things with my plants. I'll keep this book forever.
    Tammy thanks so much for sharing your Birthday month with me. This has really given me a big lift and I do so much appreciate it. I'd love to send you a hug. I had planned to get your BD present while I was on vacation in AZ until I realised you lived in AZ and that would be nothing special for you. LOL, Believe me, this box was special to me.

  • hummingbirddaisy
    17 years ago

    I wanted to post that I too received an excellent box as well! Thank you so much. What a surprise it was, and a heavy one at that. I received pretty much the same as Beth and I love it all very much. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I will be getting a box out to you shortly.
    Happy spring!

  • earthlydelights
    17 years ago

    i have confirmation that my box was delivered yesterday. i hope tammy received it. i know it was late, but it was sent.

  • SunnySurprise
    17 years ago

    Earthly, I did get your box. I took it home & I let Shelby pull out all the prizes. Darn it I left the list home again. Let me see if I can remember.

    There were 2 wonderful dog toys. Funny thing is each of the dogs kinda picked the ones they wanted. One was a fluffy blue bone shape with a squeky toy inside. Tahoe (golden retriever) picked that one. Then there was one that is made of string/rope & Trouble (retriever/airdale mix)picked that one.

    Chocolate covered cherries. (Dark choc, and I love dark choc.)

    Some wonderful chocolates with whole hazelnuts inside. I am not making these sound as good as they are.

    A note pad.

    Lots of seeds. Carrots, tomatoes, green bean, I am forgetting about 5 others.

    The CUTEST kitchen towel with a bear on it. The top part is made so that you just button it on the stove handle. I have used it already.

    4 of the neates mini cookbooks. That are actually magnets & can go on the fridge. Peppers, garlic, chicken & tomatoes. I will try them all.

    A paint sponge kit, flower post shaped.

    Colored candles.

    A birthday cake shaped candle.

    A ton of plant food spikes.

    I have to tell you, you made my Shelby sooo happy. She was half way thru the box & said, how come I never get prizes in the mail. Her eyes got big & round & she pulled out a really cool Dora mouse pad. But the mouse pad is made up of 50 sheets of Dora paper. She was just grinning. I said, there you go.... Then she pulled out the Dora stickers, looked at me, (waiting for me to say, yep those are yours too!) It was soooo cute.

    Earthly, I am sure I forgot some stuff, I will check the list tonight & check back.

    Thank you so much for making mine, the dogs & Shelby's days.

    You are wonderful!!!

    Tina & Beth I am sooo glad you liked your boxes.

    Tina, please do not feel like you need to send me a box. I know mine was wayyyyy late & I do not expect a thing. I have been sooo blessed already.

    Thanks gals!! This has been sooo fun.. I got one more box to ship out, hopefully this weekend.

  • earthlydelights
    17 years ago


    i'm so glad you got the box and enjoyed its contents. i'm glad shelby liked the things i put in there for her. i thought maybe the two of you could do the sponging together as a mom and daughter craft.

    my son is older (having his own baby now) but he always loved when there was something in the box that he could claim as his own. and i know the animals love it too!

    this has been a really wonderful swap, i have so enjoyed each and everyone of you - the giving and the receiving. i am kind of hoping sue will reconsider and run it again - if not, i'm sure we'll all see each other again :)

    i am

  • SunnySurprise
    17 years ago

    Beth, you are wonderful. Shelby loved her moose.

    She named him Moosey Magilacuty & he sleeps on her pillow.

    You guys are wonderful.

  • hummingbirddaisy
    17 years ago

    I forgot to mention that Tammy sent me 5 coffee cups with hummingbirds on them. They are just beautiful.
    I do plan to send you a gift box Miss Tammy, :-) You took the time to package together a really great box for me, I don't care how late it was! :-)
    You couldn't have sent that box at a better time either!
    So, thank you so very much and be expecting a box from me before the month is over with.
    Hug's to you,

  • djm906
    17 years ago

    Hi all, I just got home from the nursing home yesterday. Tammy, Give me a week or so to get your gift out. Can't get out yet, hand still partially paralyzed, but need to get going! Thanks Sue for all you have done and all the goodies. Most of all, keeping me in the robin. I appreciate that. I will get back to you shortly. Using one hand to type is not easy! Tina, I'll get back to you. Love to all for the good wishes, Doris

  • djm906
    17 years ago

    Tammy, your box went out this morning. Hope you enjoy. I have the confirmtion number if we need. Thanks for waiting, Doris

  • beth_b_kodiak
    17 years ago

    Tammy, looks like you might hold some sort of record for "Longest Lasting Birthday"of the year. Sure sounds like fun
    Happy Spring and Happy Easter too.

  • djm906
    17 years ago

    Confirmation # 0304 1560 0004 6581 7769 for Tammys' box. Doris

  • djm906
    17 years ago

    Tammy emailed me and had gotten her box and she asked me to let Tina know she had gotten her box too! She is having trouble getting on Garden web, but she wanted us to know she was very pleased with both boxes.