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new: herb-ivore swap (reconfigured)

13 years ago

(I have changed the dates from February to March, in hopes that more people might be able to join... don't miss out on this fun swap!!!)

HERBivore Swap

Hi all!

Theres been a lot of talk lately about herbs. I donÂt know if itÂs been done recently, but I thought it would be fun to host an herb swap! This swap will be for herbs only and must receive 10 sign-ups before it will be a go. I hope people are interested!


Herbs only, please.

All seeds must be clearly marked and packed correctly.

All seed packages should contain at least 10 seeds, or 1/8 teaspoon for tiny seeds.

You will receive at least the amount of packages you send in, most likely more.

Please send a wish list of seeds that you would like to receive back. I will do my best to fill your needs but canÂt guarantee anything.

Please also send a list of the seeds you are sending in, so that you donÂt receive them back.

No side trades please.

Please use bubble mailer, seeds crush. You must also send a return address label as well as proper postage for the seeds being returned to you.

Please send your full name on the mailer, mailing address, garden web name and email address on a card or added to your lists.

Please do not send in more than 5 packets of one certain seed. Please do not send in more than 50 seed packets total.

All mailers are due to my house by March 27th. All mailers will leave my house headed back to you by April 4th at the latest.

Please post here if interested and I will email you my mailing address.


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