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I.E. Spring Fling Salad Bowl Swap

12 years ago

Hello all! This is the Spring Fling Salad Bowl Swap.

This swap is for all things you would use for salads. Veggies, fruits, and herbs. When I think of salad of course the standards.. lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, etc. There are endless possibilities! I also think of ingredients for other types of salads, broccoli, bell pepper, watermelon, honeydew, etc...

The sign up deadline is March 1st.

Seeds must be sent to me by March 7th.

I will send packages out by March 12th or before.

You may send seeds that are commercial, harvested by you or from trades. They must be clearly labeled with the variety name, how it was gathered and date, and your GW name.

Please include a list of what you sent in so I will not be returning the things you sent in. You can send in a list of some things you might like to receive and I will do my best but can not guarantee anything.

In your package you must include a list of what you are sending, a return label, and ample postage for the return trip. This must be sent in a bubble envelope. I will use the same envelope you sent your seeds in to return to you.

This is my first time hosting a swap, so I am sure I have missed some details. If you have questions please let me know.

Sign up here, and have your email available through garden web.


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