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part shade vs shade

10 years ago

Hi, I am giving an old yard new life. . . on the south side of my yard I have a 6' solid wood fence, making a shady area approx 5-6'. The bed in question gets early morning (direct) sun and late afternoon/early evening (dappled)sun.

Would this be considered part shade, due to the bright direct sun that flanks the bed in front of the shade line?

I did a lasagna bed here and planted hostas, lamium, astilbe and snow on the mountain to sprawl down the fence line. I will also be planting some lilies and hardy geranium when the shipment comes in.

I want something for height. Everything in the bed is low to medium and doesn't add a lot of interest to the area.

I have underground sprinklers and good soil, so it drains well.

I was thinking about goats beard to plant against the fence, would that be a good companion plant with the others I have planted, and are there more shade lovers that flower and are slightly taller I could look into.

Thanks in advance. . .

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