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Growing Impatiens from seeds

15 years ago

This is the first time i've ever tried tried to grow from seeds. I bought a box from walmart by plantation products. I added compost/manure mix to the soil then spread the seeds and lightly raked them into the dirt and on the box it said mulching recommeded, but i think there might be 2 different meanings to mulch. when i think mulch i think the pretty decorative wood chips, so i always put red mulch on my flower beds, so i put that on top of the impatiens seed. then the tree in my yard has shedded it's little helicopter thingys (nice technical name huh LOL) all onto the bed with the seeds, so now i can't even tell if the seedlings are coming cause the green of the helicopter thingys are in the way and i don't want to step into the bed to get all them out cause i'm afraid i might step on seedlings that might be under the mulch. so after that long drawn out story, is the mulching i used ok and does anyone have any experience with growing impatiens from seeds and have any suggestions that might help them grow well? thanks in advance for any help.

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