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NEW: 4th Annual Seed Addicts Swap!

17 years ago

4th Annual Seed Addicts Swap


Any seeds go old/new, veggie, flower, shade, natives, etc.

Here are the guidelines:

Deadline for mailing to me will be February 28th, all seed packets need to be sent (postmarked)by this time. Kinda short turn around, but I want to get seeds back as quickly as possible.

Please include:

* Return postage -same or more than it took you to mail (Minimum .63 for small and newbies).

* Address Label

* Your Garden web name

* List of what you sent and also wish list (maybe you'll get a wish or two?)

I will return seeds the 1st week in March or as soon as all seeds are in.

Note--This year I am adding a Maximum Limit of 30 trade pkts or less, the last few years a few huge sasbes (40-60 pkts) have been sent and I think it limits the variety to all swappers a little because of needing to fill those envelopes.

You can send duplicates, but only 2 of the same

seed if they are very common. You will receive the same amount of packets as you send in and any "Bonus" seeds . Anyone wanting to donate "Bonus" seeds please lable them as "Bonus" or separate them and I will distribute them to other swappers or newbies. Newbies should send postage and write newbie on envelope.

Happy sowing,


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