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NEW: Commercial Leftover seed swap..

This swap is for COMMERCIAL SEEDS ONLY, and the packs must be seeds from 2008,2009 0r 2010 season ONLY !!

Since this is commercial seeds only, you will get a small amount of seeds, but it will allow you to try some of the newer varieties of seeds.

DO NOT send the 10 cent pack of seeds from Walmart or 25 cent packs from the dollar general. We want this to be a fair swap, and most people will be sending in seeds that arent very common.... and are a bit expensive.If these types are sent they will not count towards your total number sent in.

NO MORE then 3 packs of the same seed ex. 3 packs of green envy zinnia, 3 packs of peppermint stick zinnia...etc

DO NOT post what you are sending.....just pack them up and send them to me, they will be sorted, and remailed out..this is a "surprise" swap !!

DO TELL me if you are interested in herbs, veggies, or flowers. (any combination of them)

I'd like to have the mailing date March 5th, so that we can still have time to sow the seeds. ( last season we were later)

I would prefer the seeds be sent in the original package, but if it is neccessary to put them in a new envie, they must have name of seed, year, and company they are from...and any growing info you can share !!

PLEASE email me if you have any questions !

( There is no minimum on the number of packs you can send)

Thanks, and I hope you will decide to join !!(sign ups will be till Feb 26th). The seeds should be mailed to me by the first week in March and I will sort and send back as soon as all the envies arrive. I should be able to mail back March,7th If all envies arrive on time.


(this post was "borrowed" from last years hostess only a few things have been changed)

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