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NEW: 'You Pick Seed Swap' ~Cracked Pot Gardner's~-March

14 years ago

Cracked Pot Gardner's is a Plant, Bulb, Seed, Cuttings, etc. and Gardening Supplies Swap. The Hostesses for this group are Michelle (micyrey) and Mariann (galium).

We are taking sign-ups for our March "You Pick Seed Swap". When you sign-up list 10 different types of Flowering Annuals and Veggie seeds you have to swap. Everyone who signs up will choose who's seeds they would like. It's first come first serve so check back often. Please include a small/inexpensive gift with your seeds. It could be seed envelopes, plant labels, gardening gloves, a gardening magazine (that you've already read), note cards with a nature scene or anything related to nature and gardening.

Sign-ups will be taken until February 20, 2009. We will post all the players and their seeds on February 21, 2009. You will have until February 28, 2009 to choose who you want to receive from. We'll start a new thread on March 1, 2009.

Please read the rules if they are not followed you will not be able to swap with us again. We know that sounds a bit harsh but we've have several member's who didn't follow through, with their end of the swap, last year.


~All seeds must be sent in a bubble wrap envelope

~Email your address to the person sending to you

~If you are new, to this group, you need to send your seeds first. These seeds must be mailed by the 15th of March.

~All other seeds need to be sent by March 24, 2009

~Post when you mail your seeds

~Post when you receive and let us know what small gift you received

~If anyone has any questions or problems arise with sending on time please contact Michelle (micyrey) or myself Mariann (galium)

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